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Zhanyuan Yang, 31, crashed into the consulate’s visa office on Oct. 9 and was heard shouting, “Where is the CCP?” – an apparent reference to the Chinese Communist Party, the San Francisco Standard reported. Video recorded by a bystander showed the Chinese national fighting with security guards and attempting to remove an object from the blue Honda before police arrived. “Then a car drove into the Chinese embassy and the guy had a gun,” said a 911 caller around 3 p.m. “The car broke into the building, went through the lobby and the guy has a gun.” A caller also reported that security guards were fighting with the driver after he crashed into the building. “It’s on purpose,” another 911 caller said of the accident. “Please send SWAT to us ASAP,” one caller is heard pleading. Body camera footage shows Sgt. Troy Carrasco ran into the building and confronted the suspect, who appears to be covering his face with the pepper spray that was deployed before officers arrived.

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Zhanyuan Yang was 31 years old.

Investigation Report

The sergeant pushes Yang against a wall as he shouts, “I will never give up!” He then turns around and brandishes a knife before Carrasco shoots, the video shows. “The guy should have told me he had a knife,” the sergeant, who joined the department in 1994, is heard saying moments later. Police later found a crossbow in the back of the Honda, according to the outlet. The response was handled as an “active attacker” situation, Police Chief Bill Scott said. “If we believe we have an active attacker event, we will do everything we can to stop that threat immediately so that we do not suffer loss of life,” the senior police officer said in the virtual meeting. Yang’s motive remains unclear and the shooting remains under investigation. In 2012, he launched a communications company while attending university in China. He later took college classes in San Francisco and studied film at the now-defunct San Francisco Art Institute, another student there who asked to remain anonymous told the San Francisco Standard. “The impression we had of him was that he didn’t really like to socialize,” said his former classmate, a Chinese national.

Yang’s landlord, Victor Lyapis, described him as a “very nice guy,” but noted that he recently had trouble paying his rent and his check was bounced. Standard journalists allowed into his apartment found what appeared to be replica firearms there. It was unclear if any of the weapons were real. Yang’s roommate, who did not give his name, said the car he drove to the consulate belonged to another person who lived in the apartment. She said Yang spent his time playing video games, running, shooting his bow and arrow in a park and flying his drone. “If he became radicalized, it was recent,” she told the outlet. The police shooting was unusual because it occurred inside a consulate, which is considered foreign soil, according to the Standard, which noted that it occurred shortly before the city hosts the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, a meeting of world leaders from the nations of the Pacific Rim. . It is not yet clear whether Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend.

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