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Zachary Latham Wiki – Zachary Latham Biography

Zachary Latham, 20, a Florida teenager, is accused of fatally stabbing his next-door neighbor William Durham while his girlfriend Sarah Latham is recording it for TikTok. Latham is purportedly seen in the viral video stabbing William Durham to death on TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites. Zachary was detained last week after threatening a rider on a motorcycle.

Latham is from Vineland, New Jersey. He and his partner Sarah Latham also produce material for TikTok. The two shared a lot of quick videos on social media. Zachary is currently becoming well-known for all the wrong reasons, though. After a dispute between the two, the police have charged Zachary Latham with fatally stabbing his neighbor William Durham. But despite being on the run, he was apprehended on Saturday during a traffic stop. The matter is currently the subject of more study.

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Zachary Latham is 20 years old.

Teenager kills a man to be famous on tiktok

After a fight at his residence, Latham, a Florida adolescent who lives in Vineland, fatally stabbed his neighbor William T. Durham. William, a 51-year-old married father of two sons, was also a married guy. He was a prison officer at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton. The records state that before the bloody battle on Vineland Street, Latham, and William Durham were engaged in a verbal disagreement. The security cameras captured footage of the incident, which was then shown to the New Jersey Advance Media. Zachary Latham killed William “Timmy” Durham Sr. and then ran away. He was apprehended in Florida on Saturday, though, for allegedly flashing a BB airsoft gun following a dispute with a driver at Meridian Center Park.

On TikTok and other social media sites, a video purportedly depicting Zachary Latham shooting his neighbor gained a lot of popularity. It was captured, according to viewers, using strategically positioned cameras. Zachary Latham’s attorney, however, asserted that his client acted in self-defense when Durham and his sons entered his property as a result of their protracted dispute. According to the Durham family’s attorney, they went to Latham’s residence after several confrontations with him. In the final one, William was tased, stabbed, and then killed on the street by Zachary. Willaim Durham’s lawyer said in the most recent court filing that they think Zachary Latham stabbed Durham to death with the intent to videotape the incident and post the video on TikTok to get notoriety. They further assert that Sarah Latham caught the action on camera. As a result, they prefer first-degree murder charges against Zachary Latham to the aggravated manslaughter ones that are now brought against him. To this legal assertion, the court has not yet responded.

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