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The victim was identified Wednesday as Zachariah Andrews, 29, for whom an arrest warrant was issued more than two weeks after he disappeared, police said. Andrews’ body was recovered Oct. 19 when a maintenance worker was investigating a foul odor emitting from the apartment’s chimney in Norfolk, a city 110 miles northwest of Omaha. The employee discovered what appeared to be human shoes hanging from the shaft, police told the Norfolk Daily News. Andrews was last seen alive on September 15, but was not reported missing for 19 days. The day after Andrews was last seen, Norfolk police received a call from a resident inside the apartment building claiming he heard mysterious screams. “The resident reported that he heard a man yelling for help and that he appeared to be coming from the first floor,” police said in a statement. When the officers arrived, the strange screams had stopped. Officers searched the property and spoke to several residents, none of whom heard pleas for help, so officers left without finding the source of the storms, apparently leaving Andrews to die in the chimney.

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Zachariah Andrews is 29 years old.

Investigation Report

Andrews was officially reported missing on Oct. 3, the same day the Madison County Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant for seven counts of violating a protective order. Over the past few months, Andrews repeatedly posted on his Facebook page in an attempt to communicate with an anonymous woman, and several of her friends warned him to let her go and one advised him to remember what he learned “in treatment.” In one post, Andrews claims that police raided her “love letters” before telling him that her goals of being with her were “unrealistic.” “I want to prove them wrong though,” he wrote in May. Andrews was also charged in 2018 with allegedly trying to lure a 12-year-old girl who was trying to sell a swimsuit on Facebook.

In a text conversation, he allegedly offered to visit her house for a drink and “see what.” happens,” along with more sexual comments, according to Souixland Proud. He was also accused of resisting arrest by kicking police officers when they tried to arrest him for assaulting another man in April last year. While he was missing, he placed a parking warning on his car, which was directly in front of the apartment building in which he was trapped. “I couldn’t imagine how you felt trapped, but now you are free, my brother, free in the hands of God (sic)! Spread your angel wings,” his friend Josh Isenbart wrote on Facebook. “I will cherish every day (sic) I had with you there until we meet again friend, you are no longer suffering and now you are in the best place you can be.” Police believe Andrews’ death was accidental but are still investigating.

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