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Yuri Slezkin, 65, died at the Ural Electrochemical Combination in Russia after a cylinder containing depleted uranium hexafluoride ‘depressurized’, the factory said. The state nuclear corporation Rosatom, which runs the plant, said the incident did not pose a health threat to people in the area. The explosion prompted the evacuation of workers at the site in Novouralsk. A report by the E1 news outlet said: “The situation is local in nature, it is dangerous only in the production area.” The workshop personnel were evacuated.’ A major cleanup operation is underway at the plant, according to reports.

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Yuri Slezkin was 65 years old.

The ‘explosion’ of the uranium plant is Investigating

The ‘explosion’ of the uranium plant is also being investigated. There is no danger of any kind for the residents of the city of Novouralsk or the staff of the plant,” said the deputy director of production of the plant, Yuri Mineyev. He said that the factory was running normally. The incident comes at a time when Russian strategic facilities have been affected by sabotage attacks. When uranium is enriched, depleted uranium hexafluoride is formed. The Russians said it “does not pose a radiation hazard: its radioactivity is less than that of natural uranium.” The plant provides 48 percent of Russia’s uranium enrichment separation capacity. The Urals Electrochemical Combine says it enriches uranium for use in nuclear power plants and is the largest of its kind in the world. While a power plant uses nuclear fission to generate electricity, it cannot explode like an atomic bomb.

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