Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Twin sisters between 10 killed by Russian strike against Kramorsk


Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko Wiki – Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko Biography

Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko, 14, were verified to be among the four kids killed in the attack on the Ria Pizza restaurant in Kramatorsk, which was popular with both soldiers and journalists.

In Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, during a Russian missile attack on a cafe, people died twin sisters Yulia and Anna Aksenchenko. In September, the girls would have celebrated their 15th birthday. About this informs Department of Education of the Kramatorsk City Council. It is with sadness and unbearable pain that we report the death of two Aksenchenko sisters, Yuliya and Anna, students of Kramatorsk Primary School No. 24. This year they finished the eighth grade, and on September 4 they should have celebrated their 15th anniversary. A Russian rocket stopped the beating of the hearts of two angels,” the message reads.

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Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko were 14 years old.

Twin sisters between 10 killed by Russian strike against Kramorsk

We will remind you, on the evening of June 27, Russia struck Kramatorsk. Fired two Iskander missiles. One of them aimed at the city center, at a pizzeria where there were many people. Also in the epicenter of the explosion were apartment buildings, commercial premises, cars, a post office and other buildings, in which windows and doors were blown out. According to the most recent data, the number of individuals killed in Kramatorsk as a result of a rocket attack has risen to nine. On the morning of June 28, searchers discovered another victim beneath the rubble. TSN.ua has compiled all available information about the June 27 missile assault on Kramatorsk.

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