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Yitzhak Abergil Wiki – Yitzhak Abergil Bio

Yitzhak Abergil the Aberilgi gang leader and 7 others was arrested by the South African cops’ Department in Bryanston.
The South African Police Department arrested Yitzhak Abergil, leader of Israel’s Abergil Organization. A multidisciplinary team led by Interpol South Africa, Organized Crime, Detectives, Criminal Intelligence, and the Special Task Force (STF) arrested the 46-year-old Israeli gang leader. This suspect was affiliated with the ‘Abergil Organization’ in Israel. South African police stated: The wanted criminal was arrested along with seven others at a residence near Bryanston. Since 2015, the Israeli gangster has been listed on Interpol’s “Red Notice”. The police arrested the suspect because the suspect is a man wanted in Israel for attempted murder and conspiracy to murder. He is a member of a criminal gang called the Abergil Organization.

The Abergil Organization is a gang that has been on Interpol’s Red Notice list since 2015. A Red Notice list instructs law enforcement agencies around the world to find and temporarily detain a suspect pending extradition, surrender or other legal action.
Abergil was one of the six main organized crime organizations in Israel. He is one of the top 40 drug traffickers to the United States. Israeli investigators say the Abergil gang is engaged in drug trafficking, extortion and other criminal acts. Throughout 2003 and 2004, this wanted person was involved in criminal activities.
Abergil had conflicts with Ya’akov Alperon and other prominent members of the Israeli underground in addition to Rosenstein. Alperon allegedly gave the order to attack Abergil in 2008 and would be killed in a car bomb on Yehuda Ha-Maccabi Street in Tel Aviv before the end of the year. An associate of Abergil’s was found guilty in Case 512 of conspiring to kill another local enemy, crime leader Asi Abutbol.

Yitzhak Abergil Age

Yitzhak Abergil is 46 years old.

Abergil organization leader arrested in Bryanston

Police have arrested gang leader Abergil and 7 other people, as the gang has been on the Red Notice list from 2015 onwards. Furthermore, this criminal gang was involved in many criminal acts in Israel. In two different incidents in 2003 and 2004, this wanted person allegedly planted an explosive bomb under a man’s vehicle in Israel. As a result, five people were seriously injured in the initial explosion but miraculously survived. The suspect attempted to do the same to the same victim in the second incident, where he planted a bomb on top of a vehicle. Three other people were also seriously injured in this tragedy.
In a morning raid on an affluent Johannesburg neighborhood, South African police captured the head of an Israeli gang. The suspect and seven other people were discovered during a morning raid on a known home in Bryanston by the squad. Twelve weapons were recovered, including five assault rifles and seven pistols. Additionally, police seized $40,000 and three possibly stolen motorcycles. The entire cast is present at the scene where the search and search warrant is executed, police said.

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