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Yaroslavl Shikhova Wiki – Yaroslavl Shikhova Biography

Yaroslavl Shikhova, A schoolgirl has died after being brutally raped, thrown naked on a railway track and then set on fire with a flammable liquid.

A train conductor stopped when he saw 15-year-old Russian Yaroslavl Shikhova, horribly burned, slipping off the track onto the grass. Police believe the girl died wearing only socks after being savagely attacked in the Perm region. She was rushed to the hospital and she survived for ten days, during which time she identified her alleged attacker. A school ‘friend’ named Sergey Minyazev, 16, whose mother Irina is a jailer and his father Radik, a police officer, has been arrested on suspicion of rape and murder. Two other teens are being questioned about their roles. The case comes amid evidence of a rise in serious crimes in Russia by youths amid Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. A startled train conductor stopped and radioed for help when he saw her, the reports said. “The girl was placed diagonally on the rails; there was blood, and then she went off the track and lost consciousness,” a railway employee said. ‘There were burns on her body, and even the dry grass around her was smoking. “When the paramedics arrived, she was still unconscious.”

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Yaroslavl Shikhova was 15 years old.

killer doused her with flammable liquid and set her on fire in Russia

The source said: ‘As we got closer, we saw a girl. She “she was completely naked, she was only wearing socks.’No clothes found. Her entire head was covered in blood, her hair was burned. ‘There was no blood on her body. Her head had been smashed against the rails.’ He said: ‘I was very lucky she didn’t get hit by a train.’ The witness said that the tortured girl had ‘flammable liquid in her mouth and [in the genital area]’. Her attacker or attackers “were getting rid of the biological traces,” she said. ‘I helped the paramedics carry the girl on a stretcher. She ‘she had burns on the left side of her body, her left leg and arm. She peeled the skin off her hands when they tried to pick her up. Her distraught father, a university professor, said she had come home from a party at Minyazev’s house, but unknown to her parents, she had climbed back out of the window. They believed that she was asleep in her room. The gruesome case has been taken under the “personal control” of Russia’s top criminal investigator, Alexander Bastrykin. Two months ago, he lamented a “general increase in crime,” especially among teenagers and children. “We see a trend when children commit serious and particularly serious crimes,” he said. Bastrykin was Putin’s classmate at the university. A judge detained Minyazev for two months.

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