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Yagnmur Koseoglu, 11, was buried last week in Hemel Hempstead, where she grew up, after tragically dying on a beach in Ayvalik, western Turkey.

She was on the back of her father’s personal watercraft in the waters around Ayvalik, western Turkey, when a second personal watercraft crashed into them, killing her untimely on August 12. Video footage too graphic to post, shot by her 14-year-old son. -Elder brother Toprak, revealed what the final moments of Yagnmur’s life were like. Her older brother Deniz, 15, can be seen swimming in the sea while her mother Gunes, a 46-year-old social worker, relaxes on the sandy beach off camera. The family can be heard laughing and joking shortly before the other jet ski flies towards them, throwing them both into the sea. Toprak can be heard saying: ‘What the fuck? Those guys just ran into Dad and Yagnmur. What the fuck!’ Her uncle Mehmet Goren, 39, revealed that the attacker’s jet ski spun and struck her father, Okan, 41, and Yagnmur while they were in the water.

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Yagnmur Koseoglu was 11 years old.


The young woman was tragically pronounced dead after the assailants, one of whom is believed to have been holding a camera during the crash, fled the scene. The two as-yet-unnamed men on the other jet ski, ages 2 and 17, were arrested by Turkish police and face manslaughter charges. Mehmet, who was at his home in Nottingham when the incident occurred, revealed the horrific aftermath of the incident. He said: ‘There was blood coming out of her face and all over her body. He was traumatic for the whole family. “She was the youngest; to be seen like this is simply unthinkable.” She was so full of life. ‘She was very happy all the time. She had many friends and was very nice to everyone. She ‘she loved to sing and she loved to put on makeup. She was just a teenager and she had a lot to offer the world.’ He also revealed that the jet ski rental company was still renting vehicles just 20 minutes after the tragic incident. “The owners said they are untouchable; nothing can be done about it.” Although Yagnmur’s British-born family is Turkish, her father owns a restaurant in Hemel Hempstead and the family raised her three children in the Hertfordshire town.

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