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Xavier Abreu and Peter Wiki – Xavier Abreu and Peter Biography

Xavier Abreu, 10, and his brother Peter, nine, died when the Subaru WRX they were traveling in crashed into a tree on Grand Parade in Monterey, south of Sydney, last Friday. The accident occurred after a car driven by the children’s maternal cousin, Jimmy Britto, allegedly crossed the road, overturned and crashed into a tree a short distance from where Sam Abreu and his partner Jivonne Garrido live. ‘He passed by our house. I have to live with that. “I have to go through that place and have the memory of my children murdered there,” Abreu told The Daily Telegraph. Abreu said he had just prepared a spare room for the children, who normally lived with his mother Olivia Aliferis, to stay on weekends. “They loved Lego,” Abreu said of the children whom he called his “cheeky monkeys.”

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Xavier Abreu, 10, and Peter, 9, years old.

Father of two boys killed in collision constantly reminded of their deaths

Peter had a box full of his favorite toys. There’s Lego in there that I need to build. I’m going to put it in his coffin.’ Garrido started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the funeral, which by Sunday afternoon had raised about half of its $25,000 goal. The page says the local community along with friends and family have “shown the size of their hearts with heartfelt messages and flowers at the site.” “We thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” the page reads. Garrido said he was making coffee when he saw three police cars go by with all their lights and sirens blaring and then he saw two ambulances doing the same thing, but he had no idea the children were in them. Abreu and Garrido also do not know why they were in the car with Britto and another young woman, who escaped with minor injuries. The car hit the tree with such force that it was destroyed and the engine was ejected several meters from the impact on a stretch of road famous for drag racing.

Britto, 33, has been charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death and one count of causing bodily harm by misconduct. Although he has received support from Aliferis, who was released on bail on August 21 after five months in prison, Abreu and Garrido say they do not feel the same way. ‘The damage is done. I don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense,” Abreu said. He said his children loved cars and taking walks with his cousin. Bayside councilor Heidi Lee Douglas has been campaigning for the NSW government to install speed cameras at the Grand Parade to discourage hoons and drag racing. “We’ve been trying to avoid this, I don’t want any more deaths,” she said. ‘Even in the few days after the accident, there was an increase in harassment in the area. I live here, I could hear it. “It was almost like rubbing salt in the wound.” Since 2018 there have been eight speeding accidents with one person seriously injured, according to Transport for NSW before the accident that killed the children.

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