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Winston Tate, a thug who launched a brutal hammer attack on a policewoman, had been arrested 30 times before and “should never have been on the street,” according to an irate police chief. Former Army soldier Winston Tate, 52, wielded a hammer as he attacked Connecticut Detective Karli Travis before striking her with the weapon on a Middletown street on August 12. The gruesome attack of her was caught on the officer’s body camera footage, which also shows her screaming and pleading for him to stop as she falls to the ground as he continues to attack. Tate was on probation at the time after previously being jailed for assaulting at least two other officers amid a long catalog of other crimes, including 14 prior convictions in the past six months. Middletown local police union president Nick Puorro said authorities knew Tate and he should not have been on the streets at the time of his latest attack.

“A guy like this, who has 30 prior arrests, (who) has attacked officers, should never have come out again,” Puorro told Fox News Digital. “He has shown that he is not a functioning member of society and deserves to be locked up in a cage like the animal that he is.” Puorro added that the attack is “tangible proof of the problem that exists” and that “it shouldn’t take a female officer nearly being killed on national television to fix it.” Agents had been dispatched to Tate’s home four times in July in what Puorro called a pattern of “terrorizing his neighbors” and the tenant: breaking windows, yelling on his porch and hurling racial epithets. The August 12 attack on Travis, 52, occurred as she was responding to a report of noise and breaking glass on a street in Middletown, southern Connecticut. Body cam footage of her shows Tate leaving her house and walking towards her with a hammer, as she calmly asks him to put it down. But Tate instead runs and hits her four times before she can pull her gun out of her and shoot him in self-defense.

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Winston Tate is 52 years old.

Middletown police detective shot man armed with hammer

Tate is a veteran who served between 1989 and 1992, including a tour of Southwest Asia in 1991, according to Fox, and the court previously heard that he was honorably discharged with a “medication diagnosis” after serving in the World War Gulf. But Puorro said that while veterans’ medical conditions could “appropriately be used at times” to somehow justify their crimes, it was not an “excuse” for Tate, who achieved the rank of private first class before being discharged. low. “This animal was a killer with intent to kill and should be treated like a criminal,” he said. Police had been called to Tate’s home five times in the past month after reports of a disturbance. The 52-year-old has convictions dating back to 1995 and was jailed for previous attacks on police officers in 2017 and 2020, reported. Police had been called to Tate’s home five times in the past month after reports of a disturbance. But Detective Travis appeared to be on her own when she answered the call Saturday night. She immediately radioed for backup as Tate charged at her with the steel hammer, asking, “Will you please put that down?”

Chief Eric McCallister said Travis tried to distance himself from her attacker but was “fighting for her life” as she was thrown to the ground before pulling her gun and firing several shots. Tate fled back into her house before more officers arrived, surrounded the house and arrested him. Both Tate and his victim were taken to the hospital where they were treated for minor injuries. Travis was hailed a “hero” by her colleagues, who said it was a miracle that she survived the attack with only minor injuries. Tate appeared in court earlier this month charged with criminal intent to commit first degree assault, second degree assault, assault on public safety personnel and interference with police. He had to be restrained by officers in the dock as he tried to remove his prison jumpsuit while the judge ordered him held on $500,000 bail. It is dangerous. There is no one who is safe from this man,” the state attorney said. A spokesman for the Middletown police union said Tate could easily have killed his victim. “It is our hope that this time finally, after attempting to assassinate a police officer, he will suffer the consequences he so rightfully deserves,” he added. Tate is due back in court on October 3.

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