William Joseph Vinson Jr., Zachary Scott Taylor, and Chance Marcus Alan Starling Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Arrested on charges in Rock the South attack


William Joseph Vinson Jr., Zachary Scott Taylor, and Chance Marcus Alan Starling  Wiki – Biography

Cullman police announced Wednesday that William Joseph Vinson Jr., 20; Zachary Scott Taylor, 21; and Chance Marcus Alan Starling, 20, were arrested Tuesday night following the assault of 18-year-old Reid Watts at the Rock the South music festival over the weekend. Video of the event showed a group of men throwing the teen to the ground and punching him repeatedly, allegedly because Watts spilled a drink on one of them. Watts was left with a fracture and had to be rushed to a local hospital afterwards. All three men now face second-degree assault charges, which carry a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars. At a news conference Wednesday, Cullman Police Chief David Nassetta said officers were able to detain the suspects thanks to tips from the public. The victim didn’t know them, and the witnesses we had didn’t know them, so it was really a big part of the puzzle for people to look at the video and say, “Yeah, I know these guys,” the police chief said. saying. When asked about the possible reason for the brutal beating, Nassetta declined to go into detail, but said it “didn’t make any sense.”

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William Joseph Vinson Jr., 20; Zachary Scott Taylor, 21; and Chance Marcus Alan Starling, 20,

Investigation Report

“Our investigation showed that it was pretty frivolous and meaningless,” he said. Nothing really can justify something like that, but in this particular incident, it was something that normally shouldn’t reach this level of violence,” Nassetta continued. “I think it speaks a little bit to the character of the people we arrest.” Rock the South co-owner and producer Nathan Ball also thanked police, festival-goers and social media users who helped identify the suspects. Like you, we were absolutely disgusted and shocked by the cowardly actions of some people at our festival last weekend,” he said at the press conference. “I want to wholeheartedly emphasize that this behavior is not widespread or common at any of our events.” Following the news, Watts’ mother, Kaci Howard, took to Facebook to call her son’s alleged attackers “cowards.” Imagine being as big as these three cowards and attacking a 124-pound kid from behind, attacking anyone from behind,” she wrote, sharing mugshots of the suspects. The Vinson, Starling, and Taylor cases will go before a Cullman County grand jury at a later date.

The suspects are currently out on bail. Watts previously said the whole altercation started Saturday night when a man at the music festival accused him of spilling a drink on him. The teen said he tried to clear up any confusion since he didn’t have a drink on him. The couple reportedly shook hands, but moments later, as his friends went to the bathroom, the teen was attacked from behind. He told his local ABC station: ‘One guy said he was spilling beer on him or something, and then I talked to him because he didn’t have a drink on him at the time, like he didn’t have anything. , I talked to him and shook his hand because I thought everything was fine because I explained that it wasn’t me. Then a few minutes later I was walking back and I got hit on the back of the head, then I got down on the ground and tried to cover my face, then I got knocked out and that’s all I remember,” he added. The young man’s girlfriend, Katie Hudgins, called the incident traumatizing.

“It was horrible, I’m traumatized, I felt so helpless because I couldn’t get in there and get to him and I had to sit there and watch him being beaten while he was unconscious, it’s horrible,” she said. The fight didn’t end until festival security got involved, found the teen, and removed him from the venue. Howard also said: “They continued to beat him while he was on the ground until security finally caught up with them and got Reid and Katie out of there and into an ambulance.” He shared a photo of his son being held in a neck brace after he was rushed to the hospital, his face extremely swollen and red. He’s got a broken nose, concussion, stitches, and baseball-sized knots on the back of his head. . He didn’t even see it coming,” he wrote on Facebook. The teen has since been released from the hospital and is now recovering from his injuries at home. He said that he is fine and that everything “could have been so much worse.”

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