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A 23-year-old Russian man Vladimir Popov died after being attacked by a tiger shark near the city of Hurghada, According to Egypt’s environment ministry.

A video that appears to be of the attack is circulating online, and it shows a tremendous splash and disturbance in the water as the man is dragged under, while scared witnesses shout for aid. “It’s eating his remains now,” one witness who captured the incident on video can be heard saying. According to Egypt’s environment ministry, a tiger shark killed a man at the Elysees Dream Beach Hotel in the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada.

Viktor Voropayev, Russia’s consul general in Hurghada, told local news agency TASS that the victim is 23-year-old Russian “V. Popov,” adding that he was not a tourist but had been living in Egypt for several months. His name was later revealed to be Vladimir Popov. Popov’s girlfriend reportedly managed to escape the water unscathed. Bystanders claimed they tried to help Popov — to no avail.

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Vladimir Popov was 23 years old.

Vladimir Popov dies in a horrific shark attack on an Egyptian beach

“It happened in a second. Rescuers reacted very quickly. For some reason, I immediately felt that it was a shark. I immediately jumped up and started shouting: ‘Sharks, sharks! Save yourself!’ Nobody understood yet,” a witness told Russian station REN-TV. “It’s a terrible thing, the remains of this guy are over there. I’m shaking. Right in front of my eyes, the shark ate that guy. I think I need a drink. I feel really bad,” a woman told the Telegram channel Baza. Authorities say the shark was captured and transferred to a laboratory “for examination and all required information to determine the possible causes of the attack.” Water activities in the area were restricted until Sunday.

Shark attacks are uncommon along the Red Sea coast, though two attacks in Hurghada last year killed an Austrian and a Romanian tourist. According to National Geographic, tiger sharks are second only to great white sharks in terms of human attacks. “However, because they have a nearly completely undiscerning palate, they are unlikely to swim away after biting a human, as great whites frequently do,” according to the publication.

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