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Vladimir Cheskidov, 51, is currently in armed custody at a psychiatric hospital, facing a criminal investigation for murder, rape and kidnapping.

A ‘s*x slave’ allegedly escaped from a Russian ‘dungeon’ where she was held captive for 14 years by a ‘maniac’ who allegedly raped her over a thousand times and sliced and boiled a second victim.The woman, named as Ekaterina B, has been held at the kidnapper’s home since she was 19 in 2009, she says.She told police that she was repeatedly raped, according to local reports. She is now 33 years old and her identity has not been revealed. Another woman, in her 30s and named Oksana, was allegedly killed and dismembered by Cheskidov in 2011, Russia’s Investigative Committee said. She allegedly boiled the remains, some of which were found in a basement. The man’s mother, Valentina, lived in the same wooden village house in Smolina, Chelyabinsk region, and was aware of the kidnapping of his victims, according to reports.She was under questioning today and detectives took her to the house she shared with her son.Ekaterina managed to flee after the man got drunk and her mother called an ambulance for him, police say.

Incapacitated, he for once failed to padlock her in her ‘dungeon’, and some reports say this was in a basement.He escaped and found his sister Elena, with whom he had not been in contact for 14 years, and then called the police.The kidnapped woman told her sister Elena that she was permanently threatened.”She walked everywhere with me holding a knife, she always had a knife in her hand,” she said.They met when she was 19 and offered her a drink at a train station, she told her sister.”So he invited me home,” she said. “And it all started there.” When Vladimir got out of her, he tied her up, pinned her to a beam and taped her mouth shut, reportedly.He freed her up to do housework, and she was expected to clean, cook, and take care of her mother, as well as provide her with sex.The room where the woman was located was equipped with several muzzles, according to local reports.Laptops and discs with pornographic content were confiscated from the house. The police also seized s*x toys used during the alleged torture sessions.

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Vladimir Cheskidov Age

Vladimir Cheskidov is 51 years old.

‘S*x slave’, 33, escapes from ‘dungeon’ where she was held captive for 14 years

He forced her to drink vodka with him and “beat her severely”.She had been from a ‘troubled family’ and although she had a sister, no other relative of hers was looking for her.Ekaterina finally escaped by convincing the man’s mother that Cheskidov would kill them both.This caused her mother to call an ambulance when the man got drunk.A report by Press Khata said that “bones and a crushed skull with traces of rust” were the only remains of the other woman. There are also investigations into the fate of her father and a previous wife, according to reports.Apparently his wife had died after falling out of a window, while his father slipped and fell, fatally.Some reports suggested that the remains had been buried in the garden of the village house.The Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda called the alleged kidnapper, rapist and murderer ‘subhuman’.He “used to have friends and then he became a recluse,” the news outlet said, citing locals.

His mother, Valentina, at one time worked at a local mental hospital.She subsequently sold glasses from her side of the divided house.Ekaterina had been reported missing in 2009, but the police were unable to locate her or the other girl who was abducted.Local reports say a sledgehammer is suspected to have been used to kill the other woman.The Baza media outlet reported: “In 2009, she met at the Chelyabinsk train station with a [at the time] 37-year-old Vladimir [Cheskidov]. He invited her to her house in the town of Smolino, where he threatened her. her with a knife and told her that she had been kidnapped.He then locked her in a separate room in her house. He put bars on the windows of the room and locked the room with a padlock.’According to preliminary data, all these 14 years Ekaterina lived in this room.According to the woman, Vladimir regularly raped her under threats of murder.A criminal case initially for kidnapping was opened against the man.

Reports say that the house was divided in two inside and that her mother lived separately from her son and her wife kidnapped from her.The Investigative Committee of Russia said in a statement: “During the investigation of the criminal case, the involvement of the suspect [Vladimir Cheskidov] in the murder of a local resident in 2011 was established.’On this fact, the investigative authorities of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Chelyabinsk region initiated a criminal case under Part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation [murder].’After committing the murder, the suspect dismembered the woman’s body and buried the remains in the cellar of the house.’Currently, the man is under the supervision of law enforcement officers in a medical facility.’Investigators and forensic investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee are working at the scene.’Earlier a kidnapping case was opened, and he is also suspected of raping her throughout the 14 years of her captivity.

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