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Virginia Pinto told The Post that her relationship with now-suspended Prince George’s County police officer Francesco Marlett was “not a one-night stand,” and that the pair had been seeing each other for about two years. “That’s the main story – that this is not a minor thing,” she said, adding: “Of course, since he’s a police officer, he looks bad. But I just want people to understand that this was not a one-night stand.” Pinto was first identified by Marlett’s wife, Paula, who told him to “rot in hell, bitch” in a fiery Facebook post Wednesday morning, just hours after her husband was suspended from the department. , which launched an investigation into his conduct after the video went viral. Despite the publicity of the scandal, Pinto, a proud Army veteran, seemed cool and unfazed as she discussed the matter.

“What’s so exciting? He is a police man. I am a civilian. They caught us. It’s a shame, but this will pass,” she said. “I’m living my life. I have kids. I’m sure, as you know, I have a 15 year old autistic boy. His father was Caucasian. I guess I have a thing for Caucasians. “In my head, I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m going to continue living my life, doing what I’m doing. In my heart, in your heart, I know that I have done nothing. He knows. Paula knows it. I haven’t done anything wrong. God is my higher power.” Paula had much stronger words about the situation in a statement to The Post on Wednesday night. “Seems like Virginia has a lot to say about me when her husband dumped her because she can’t stop cheating and inserting herself into other people’s business,” she texted. “My husband used it for sex because it was easy…I never mentioned our marriage because, like all marriages, we went through a rough patch. We got through everything at the end of the day.”

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Second video shows Maryland cop and mistress caught in another rendezvous

In the 47-second video, Pinto and a uniformed Marlett were seen kissing and fondling next to their patrol car while she was parked near a park full of kids next to Oxon Hill High School. They then went back up together, where witnesses said they stayed for 40 minutes before leaving separately, according to the Baltimore Banner. A second video has also since surfaced that appeared to show Pinto sneaking into a Prince George’s County police car, which appeared to be Marlett’s, on another occasion. After Paula criticized Pinto for vandalizing homes on Facebook, the mistress fired back with a post of her own in which she accused the wife of cheating on herself, but declined to comment further when pressed about the allegations on Wednesday. . “I’m not going to tell you that, come on. I can not tell you. There is no harm in all this. I guess we’re all bad,” she said. “From what I read in the reports, he was supposedly suspended in May for domestic violence. That should stop there, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, maybe something is wrong in the relationship. “Now people will understand and see that no marriage is perfect. Turns out he’s a police officer.”

Marlett was briefly suspended in May and earlier in 2016 after being accused of child abuse after he allegedly hit a girlfriend’s 3-year-old son so badly that the boy lost consciousness. The Prince George’s County Police Internal Affairs Division later ruled both allegations unfounded, the department said. Pinto said those incidents and the current scandal did not interfere with her feelings for Marlett, but he would not speculate about their future together. “Of course there are feelings. Of course. I’m not going to hide that,” he said. Police acknowledged both videos in an update Wednesday and reiterated that they were investigating Marlett. “I know that the officer’s actions seen in these videos have sparked a range of emotions in the community and have put a negative spotlight on this agency and the many hardworking women and men who wear our uniform,” said Chief Malik Aziz. “I expect all officers to conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring disgrace to this agency or this county. “I assure the residents of Prince George’s County that I take this matter very seriously.”

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