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Who is Virgilio Salgado? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation Report

Virgilio Salgado Wiki – Bio

Virgilio Salgado, a Florida man with the phrase “cop killer” tattooed on his chest is accused of shooting an arresting police officer before speeding away near Northwest 7th Avenue and 2nd Street early Saturday morning. Virgilio Salgado, 28, is accused of shooting a Florida City Police Department officer who had tried to stop him in traffic. Detectives claimed that they successfully detained Virgilio Salgado on Saturday night. The 28-year-old appeared before a Miami-Dade Circuit judge on Sunday afternoon, according to WSVN.

Virgilio Salgado Age

Virgilio Salgado is 28 years old.

Investigation Report

Virgilio Salgado was reportedly driving the same Nissan Titan when he was pulled over at the time he was involved in the shooting. Salgado fled, according to investigators. Fortunately, the officer was unharmed. However, the tire of the police vehicle was hit. Detectives arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting to begin gathering evidence and bullet casings that had been left behind. Using images from the officer’s body camera technology, detectives claimed they were able to positively identify Salgado. The arrest was made in Miami-Dade County, according to the report.

Salgado faces a list of charges, including aggravated assault with a firearm against a law enforcement officer, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and driving on a suspended license. He had posted his $21,000 bail as of Sunday night, but he was still incarcerated at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Salgado will remain under house arrest after his release, the outlet reported.

People convicted of aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer in the state could face three to 15 years in prison, according to the Florida law firm Lasnetski Gihon, Newsweek noted. He adds: “If you are convicted at trial or if you plead directly before a judge for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, firefighter, etc., the judge should sentence you to the mandatory minimum sentence, at a minimum.”

Furthermore, “the judge cannot go below that mandatory minimum sentence. The prosecutor is the only person who can go below the mandatory minimum.” There are circumstances in which a lawyer can negotiate a sub-minimum sentence with the prosecutor, according to the law firm.

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