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Veronica Cline, a Florida woman has been charged with poisoning a man she invited to her home by giving him a drink laced with Raid ‘Roach & Ant bug’ spray.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a home on Wheeler Street in DeLeon Springs around 4:30 a.m. and met with the victim, who was later taken to the hospital. A man, who has not been identified, told responding officers that 29-year-old Veronica Cline had returned home after drinking at a bar and asked him to “continue drinking with her at home.” After two drinks, the man said that he had started to feel sick and that’s when Cline revealed that he had added Raid to both drinks. The victim told officers that she was vomiting for about 30 minutes before she was able to call for help and she became sick again while she was giving her statement to an officer. Cline was not at the home when officers arrived, but a K-9 unit tracked her down near her and took her into custody. She was taken to the Volusia County Secondary Jail and held without bond pending her first appearance for a felony food or drink poisoning.

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Veronica Cline Age

Veronica Cline is 29 years old.

Man gets sick after Florida woman spikes his drinks with Raid roach spray

Body camera footage released by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office shows a responding officer walking through a wooded area with a K-9 unit dog. As the officer begins to walk past a bush, the dog can be seen standing near a woman who is sitting with her back to a tree.’Show me your fucking hands,’ the officer yells at the woman identified as Cline. “Ok, ok, ok, ok,” Cline can be heard responding as the officer yells at him to show her hands.”Walk towards me now, walk towards me, stop there and get on your knees,” the officer instructs Cline, who slowly moves backwards towards him. Cline can be seen kneeling on the ground as the officer instructs the police dog to “watch” her while another officer is heard in the background off-camera. “Don’t move,” the officer says as he approaches her and then begins handcuffing Cline to her. her hands behind her back.“Did she bite you anywhere?” the officer asks Cline, who says only on the knee, “it actually hurts a lot,” he adds.The officer can then be heard congratulating the dog, who appears to have recovered Cline’s phone.The man was known to Cline and his condition at this time is unclear.

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