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Vanroy Evan Smith, a Long Beach accountant, was arrested Wednesday for throwing emergency room doctor Michael Mammone off his bike into an intersection, where Orange County sheriffs said he attacked the injured bicyclist with a knife, injuring him. of death.

Just days before the tragic incident, police were called to carry out a wellness check on Smith’s ex-wife for “something to do with Mr. Smith,” his former father-in-law Stanley Hart told The Post on Friday. She was worried about her own safety before this,” Hart said of her daughter, Marla Annette Hart. Hart said his former son-in-law was a mild-mannered young man but he had a history of “trouble.”

“It wasn’t like I didn’t believe it, but I could never have imagined this,” Hart told The Post. He has some issues, that’s all I can say. If the authorities do their due diligence, they will probably figure out pretty quickly what those issues are. Marla and Smith were in the middle of a bitter custody battle over their twin girls, Hart said. Marla, who filed for divorce more than a decade earlier, was seeking full custody of her daughters.

The twins were Smith’s “world,” friend and former client Jo A. Gilliam told The Post, though she was under the impression Smith hadn’t seen them lately. This is ridiculous. I’m devastated. I just spoke to him on the 23rd and he said he was fine but was going through some things,” Gilliam said. She said Smith had begun closing down in the weeks leading up to the tragic assault and mysteriously shut down his business without warning.


Vanroy Evan Smith is 39 years old.

Accountant accused of murdering California ER doctor, 58, is given $1 million bail

Gilliam, who met Smith as a client seven years earlier, said she approached him in late January at the request of several mutual friends. They tried calling him in hopes of acquiring tax preparation services from him, but he hadn’t answered. In a text message, Smith told Gilliam that he simply wasn’t doing taxes anymore, but he offered no further explanation. Gilliam suspected that Smith may have retired from accounting because of problems with his ex-wife. It is unknown if Smith’s family problems played a role in his alleged attack on Mammone, which was caught on surveillance footage.

Smith can be seen crashing his white Lexus into a bicycling Mammone at the intersection of Crown Valley Parkway at Pacific Coast Highway. Smith then ran out of the car wielding a knife and allegedly stabbed Mammone multiple times. Bystanders said they heard Smith mutter about “white privilege” before pounced on Mammone, but police did not confirm it was a racially motivated attack. He’s a good guy. He is a very nice man. Something had to trigger him because this is not him. He’s a good guy. He never gets in trouble for anything,” Gilliam said.

Smith may have left his tax business more than a year ago, said former client Alice Smith, who is not related to the alleged killer. Alice, a loan manager, once worked in the same business as Smith for several years, but she said he recently packed up and left, though she didn’t tell her why. Although she had known him for years, she said he kept his personal life a secret and spent “97%” of the time alone with him. Smith never mentioned his ex-wife or his beloved daughters, despite having photos of the twins all over his office. I don’t know his personal life, I only know the business side of him,” Alice said. I am very shocked by all this. The Evan I know is not this Evan… he was a sweet and respectable guy. Nothing negative. He is a person who took his shirt off his back.”

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