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Wild body camera footage shows Tyler Fayconsolo, 24, throwing himself out of the passenger side window after smashing the glass with nothing but his skull. “That’s one way to use your head,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement accompanying the bizarre foot and car chase. Fayconsolo immediately took off and continued fleeing on foot, but did not get far before a K9 forced him to submit to officers. He was taken to a hospital where he allegedly admitted that he was “high as shit.” Police had been chasing Fayconsolo for several miles since he caught him driving erratically leaving a gas station in Ocala, a city about 80 miles northwest of Orlando. Body camera footage shows the allegedly drunk driver swerving in and out of his lane, including onto the opposite side of the road and through large swaths of vegetation. At one point, the runaway driver nearly ran over two people who were parked at the beginning of a trail that Fayconsolo allegedly drove through. At times, Fayconsolo reached top speeds of 100 miles per hour while he fled.

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Tyler Fayconsolo is 24 years old.

Investigation Report

In separate attempts to stop Fayconsolo, officers performed a pit maneuver and deployed stop levers, but the fugitive continued to accelerate with four flat tires and his rear bumper dragging on the road, the video shows. Ultimately, Fayconsolo’s vehicle was disabled when he crashed through a residential fence that was covered in concrete. “This is where Tyler used his head, but not the way he should have…he hit the passenger side window and went flying like a dolphin,” the sheriff’s office said. “But in true Tyler fashion, he stopped using his head once again and he thought running away from a K-9 was a great idea.” In the video, K9 Jet can be seen biting Fayconsolo’s upper legs as officers run to catch up with the dog. “He’s biting me, please! Please stop it! Fayconsolo screamed moments before officers released the dog and handcuffed the driver. Fayconsolo then tries to tell the officers that “someone tried to rob him,” to which an officer simply says, “It’s okay.” He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fleeing with injury or aggravated damage and resisting without violence. His bond was set at $53,000 and his next court date was set for Nov. 14, online jail records show.

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