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Troy Scott Johnston Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Killed, Investigation Report

Troy Scott Johnston Wiki – Bio

Troy Scott Johnston, 40, was killed during an argument with Gede Wijaya, 20, at Uncle Benz Cafe in south Kuta just before 4 a.m. on Thursday.

Johnston, who worked for mining giant Rio Tinto at Perth airport, is alleged to have urinated on Wijaya before the altercation escalated and Wijaya hit him over the head with a bar stool. Wijaya was arrested and charged with murder but claimed in an interview with police that he acted in self-defense after Johnston attacked him with the same wooden stool. The cocktail expert had only known Mr. Johnston two days before the fight, but they were already friends enough to buy each other drinks.

Wijaya, a father of one, lost his father just weeks before and his mother last April. Forgive your arrogant son, mother… the best and most peaceful place for you next to him… Light the way for your children and grandchildren,” he wrote online after his mother’s death.

Johnston was on vacation in Bali with his Indonesian wife Ni Nyoman Purnianti and his infant son when he went out drinking around 7:30 p.m. m. on Wednesday.

Troy Scott Johnston Age

Troy Scott Johnston was 40 years old.

Gede Wijaya, 20, Suspect Arrested in the Murder of Troy Scott Johnston

Wijaya told a police news conference that the couple spent the night buying each other glasses of Arak, a cloudy white Lebanese liquor. He pays. He treats me. But then, I also treat it,’ he told the police. However, he claimed that Johnston drank too much and began throwing bottles and glasses into the street. Wijaya said he tried to calm the Australian down, but hit him in the waist and urinated on his leg, then tripped and collapsed. He urinated on my left leg… I tried to tell him to cut it off. But he came in and threw glass cups at me,” he said. He was drunk and lost control… I tried to calm him down.’

Wijaya left Mr. Johnston lying outside but claimed that he soon got up and ran towards the bar, picking up the stool and trying to throw it at her. He said that he grabbed the stool and hit Mr. Johnson over the head in self-defense and that he did not intend to kill him. I’m very sorry and I didn’t mean to do that because I know him very well, so there’s no way I mean to hurt him or anything else,” he said.

However, police alleged that Wijaya became enraged by Johnson’s conduct and attacked him with his stool out of anger, not self-defense. The perpetrator’s motive for attacking or killing the victim was because the perpetrator was feeling emotional,” police said. Because the perpetrator [was] emotional, he hit the victim’s head with a chair. The victim fell in front of Uncle Benz. Wijaya was attacked and beaten, they both wrestled on the ground, Scott quickly got up and grabbed a chair, and threw it at Wijaya.

The victim apparently chased after him and tried to throw a wooden stool at the perpetrator. ‘When the preparer saw him trying to throw the stool, the preparer tried to grab it…the perpetrator spontaneously struck the victim’s head with the stool. He hit him once. Police alleged that after hitting Mr. Johnston with the stool, he simply left him lying in a pool of blood and went behind the bar to his house.

Wijaya, who faces 15 years in jail, was mocked on Instagram by other Indonesians who blamed him for Johnson’s death.

Enjoy the pleasure of the iron bars, man,’ wrote one.

Another added: ‘It’s scary, isn’t it? Being drunk here could end in death.

Mr. Johnson’s wife became concerned that he did not return to her accommodation at 3 am and she decided to search for her husband with the help of her brother. The couple found Johnston unconscious and lying in a pool of his own blood at the Wijaya-owned cafe before 4 a.m. on Thursday. Mr. Johnston was rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries and pronounced dead on arrival. His heartbroken wife and his co-workers paid tribute to his father and the airport controller on social media. Mr. Johnston’s wife recalled the moment she found her husband unconscious and lying in a pool of his own blood. I find him already on the ground with a lot of blood,” she told Seven News. She told police that her husband left around 7:30 p.m. m. and that she and her brother were out looking for him when he didn’t return at 3:45 a.m. m. At 10:30 p.m., Purnianti contacted Scott and he responded that he was still drinking,” police said. Purnianti and his brother were shocked after discovering that Johnston was lying in a pool of blood on the terrace of Uncle Benz Cafe. Mr. Johnston was employed by Rio Tinto at its Perth airport hub as an airport controller.

News of her death reached her co-workers on Friday – Tributes

We are devastated by the news that one of the most loved and valued members of our team has tragically passed away abroad,” Rio Tinto said. A spokesman for his employer, mining giant Rio Tinto, said the company was providing support to family and loved ones. We are devastated by the news that one of the most beloved and valued members of our team has tragically passed away overseas.

“Troy’s colleagues are deeply saddened and we are providing them with access to a variety of support services. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Troy’s family and friends. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been contacted for comment.

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