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Victorian man Troy Kellett, 43, died after falling from a stack of shipping containers at Adelaide’s Outer Harbor docks at around 12:20am on July 9.

Police believe the death was an accident and questions were raised as to why he was on top of the bins, with a source claiming he may have been looking for drugs. Anonymous police officers have now revealed that an investigation has been launched to determine if his death is related to the Albanian mafia. The unnamed sources told The Age that detectives are looking into whether Kellett was “hired, directed or pressured” to help the criminal organization.The news follows revelations that Kellett had sold his business for $10 million hours before his death. The Albanian mafia have reportedly established a large cocaine market in Australia, the size of which defies supplies from local gangs, taking advantage of Australian border security. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission warned Home Office officials about the threat from Albanian organized crime in December 2020.

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Troy Kellett Age

Troy Kellett was 43 years old.

Albanian mafia linked to dead multimillionaire trucking boss

He said the mob was able to exploit migration programs and stressed the “need to make Australia less acceptable” to high-threat Albanian criminals. The commission found that the Albanian union was well versed in the “exploitation of Australia’s migration programs as a means to enter and remain ashore”. Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting that Kellett has been involved in criminal activity, only that police are investigating possible links.Friends and family have pointed out strange behaviors by Mr. Kellett in the lead up to his death which lead them to believe there was more to his “downfall” than him. Kellett was the owner of the logistics company Kellett Australia, which took over from his brother Corey in 2003. A close friend said the 43-year-old father had received an “urgent” call to Adelaide on July 8, which he found strange. ‘He has teens of drivers there who could make the race.

I don’t see why he would be there,” he told the Adelaide Advertiser in the days after Kellett’s death. Why was he on top of a container? And why was he on top of a dumpster at 12:30 at night? ‘The only conclusion I can draw…is that he was hiding.’ Two men were arrested at the scene of Mr. Kellett’s death. One was charged with a firearm offense after police allegedly found an unregistered gun on his property, while the other was charged with giving a false address. The arrests have not been linked to Kellett’s death. Kellett reportedly received $10 million less than 48 hours before his death from an anonymous buyer of his business. His friend told The Advertiser that he found the timing of the deal suspicious. “[Troy] said, ‘I’m resolved, I’m going to finish it all, I’m going to enjoy retirement,'” he said.’But he didn’t have a day off.’The money, millions of dollars, was in his account. We have no idea why he was there [Adelaide] in the first place.

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