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Melbourne man Troy Kellett, 43, died after falling 12 meters from a stack of shipping containers at Adelaide’s Outer Harbor docks at around 12:30 am on July 9. Mr. Kellett was climbing the containers, which were stacked six by two, with a rope and a grappling hook. Police believe the death was an accident and questions were raised as to why he was on top of the bins, with a source claiming he may have been looking for drugs. Anonymous police officers revealed that police were watching the 43-year-old man fall to his death. Detectives from the Serious and Organized Crime branch along with South Australia’s Specialist Tactical Police Unit STAR group were monitoring the site after receiving a tip that drugs were being stored in the cargo depot, the police said. Herald Sun. Police were reportedly using night vision for the undercover surveillance operation and may have recorded the moment Mr. Kellett fell to his death. It is believed that Mr Kellett was looking for a container of drugs, believed to be cocaine.

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Troy Kellett was 43 years old.

Troy Kellett Death: Police Investigation Report

Another anonymous police officer also revealed that an investigation has been launched to determine if Mr. Kellett’s death is related to the Albanian mafia. Police arrested two men who were with Kellett, Renalnto Bylo, 32, and Dasmir Kulafovski, 47. Police found the trio with a grappling hook on a rope, which Kellett is believed to have used when he fell, a source claimed. Investigators believe the trio was working together and hoped Kulafovski and Bylo would lead police on the suspected drug heist after they were granted bail. The couple avoided the Outer Harbor pier, and police feared the hidden container of drugs had been moved. The two men were charged with trespassing and firearms offenses and are due to appear in court next week. It comes after revelations that Kellett had sold his business for nearly $8 million just days before his death. The $7.94 million transaction for the sale of land for Mr. Kellett’s container shipping business in Altona North settled Friday.

Friends and family statements

Friends and family allege that Kellett acted strangely in the months leading up to his death, having missed a very close friend’s funeral and a meeting to sign documents for an $8 million settlement and that he had called in sick for work. One of Kellett’s colleagues said the 43-year-old did not show up for work Thursday because he believed he had attended his friend’s funeral and had been delayed. The colleague then stopped by Mr. Kellett’s house after work around 2:30 p.m. m. at 3:00 p.m. m. to see how he was. He took years to open the door and when he did, he told me that he had not been to Ange’s (Angelo Avram) funeral because he was not feeling well,” the colleague said. They were very, very close. Troy said that he was “fucked up” and had cramps. He then said that he would not be at work the next day. There was also $8 million being worked on between Mr Kellett and the Managing Director of Norman Carriers in Laverton North Gareth Hearnden. Hearnden made a deal to buy Kellett’s trucks and other assets and called him to sign the paperwork for the money to be sent to his bank account by the close of business on Friday.

However, Kellett told Hearnden that the deal had to wait until Monday because he was already on his way for work, despite telling his workers that he was sick. There is no suggestion that the $7.94 million transaction and $8 million deal were not legitimate. Whatever he was doing had to be pretty big to reject almost $16 million in his bank account,” Kellet’s brother, Corey, told the Herald Sun. Kellett’s friends said he was acting strangely in the months leading up to his death and even called a meeting to address his concerns for his well-being. He was agitated and stressed, not himself. Some of us got together to see how we could help him, but he was very distant. We feel powerless,” said a colleague. It is understood that Mr Kellett likely stayed in South Australia for two days after driving to Adelaide in a new van and not his work van. Kellett also did not use his maritime security pass, which would have allowed him legal entry to the docks. Investigators are reviewing his cell phone records to learn who he had been speaking to and where he was from Thursday afternoon until the time of his death.

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