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Trevor Crawford, A 74-year-old great-grandfather from New York City was pushed onto subway tracks by a mentally ill homeless man who was “angry” because he was “looking in his direction” and is now on the run. Trevor Crawford was walking home from work in a parking lot on Fifth Avenue when the attacker accused him of staring at him. He proceeded to push him onto the tracks, breaking five of his ribs and leaving him with pelvic injuries. MTA workers were able to get Crawford to safety on the platform before an approaching train. The suspect, who was seen on surveillance footage leaving the station, fled and has not yet been captured. The random attack took place at the Hunter College subway station while Crawford was waiting for the sixth train to arrive at 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The victim’s granddaughter, Kerry-Ann Martin, told PIX 11 that she still has the palm print on her chest from where she was pushed. She described the suspect as 5 feet 9 inches, about 200 pounds and was last seen wearing a black polo shirt with brown pants and brown sneakers.

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Trevor Crawford is 74 years old.

Investigation Report

Crawford is the father of three children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Martin, his granddaughter, said he is a “feisty” man who “never looks for trouble.” “His day is coming, that’s all, you don’t just go around hurting people, we’re all human beings, we’re all supposed to take care of each other just like animals take care of each other,” Martin said. ‘You look at the pride, the pride of lions, each one has their job, each one is different, a different race, a different color, but that’s what makes us special. You hurt an old man… I hope the police catch up with him, that’s all I have to say,” Martin added. Coworkers at the parking lot where he works say he’s the “perfect guy.” “It’s horrible for a man of his kind.” age. Him working all day, trying to get home to his family. [sig] mind his own business and let himself be pushed on the train. “Man, that’s unacceptable,” said James, one of his representatives. NYPD Traffic Chief Michael Kemper said: “He will soon be in custody.” And when people see these incidents or hear about incidents like this, they are shocked and scared, and understandably so.’ Crawford reportedly landed on his back and neck when he was pushed onto the tracks. According to the police, a total of ten people have already been pushed onto the subway tracks this year. Last year, twenty-five victims were pushed. Crawford’s co-workers had nothing but good things to say about him to PIX 11.

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