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Travis Valenti (37), The body of a recently engaged New Yorker who drowned in a Washington state park after proposing to his fiancée has been recovered, ending a weeks-long search for the man’s remains.

The body of Massapequa’s Travis Valenti was pulled from the depths of Lake Crescent at Olympic National Park at approximately 6:25 pm PT Wednesday, by members of a nearby non-profit organization. Called the Christian Missionaries, the Ohio-based group searched the notoriously deep lake using boat-mounted sonar technology, finding the body within hours of beginning their effort that morning. Officials had spent days looking for the lost 37-year-old, who reportedly helped push fiancée Marlene Junker to safety after their kayaks overturned on June 9, likely saving her life. Following the Ohio Missionaries’ find, a remote-operated vehicle was deployed to retrieve the late Long Islander, who had long been presumed dead. His corpse was found at a depth of 394 feet, officials later confirmed.

Search crews notified the family immediately, according to statements from Valenti’s brother, Austin Valenti. It’s kind of the best outcome we could have hoped,’ he told Newsday Thursday after his wife started an online fundraiser to help pay for search and recovery efforts in the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains. We’re just glad we’ll have him back to give him the proper send-off and memorial he deserved.’ Diana Rose, Austin’s husband, updated the GoFundMe she created to thank those who sent money while officials and Good Samaritans searched for Valenti – who worked as a workplace service specialist at a Manhattan investment firm.

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Travis Valenti was 37 years old.

New York man’s body was discovered in Lake Washington

‘This is still a very sensitive and emotionally charged time for his beautiful fiancée, parents, siblings, family and countless friends who care about and love Travis,’ she wrote. Thankfully, Travis will be able to eventually come back home and be laid to eternal rest. This will still require time and logistical coordination. Your kind donations received will be assisting immensely with this endeavor and funeral preparations.’ Family members had raised more than $63,000 in the days since the fundraiser was posted, enlisting a private search team from Pennsylvania to help search Lake Crescent, which, with a maximum depth of 624 feet, is the second deepest in all of Washington. We need to be able to find him [and] bring him home,’ the family wrote in the fundraiser. The National Park Service, meanwhile, said the remote-operated vehicle it utilized to rescue Valenti was able to brave the deep and cold waters of Lake Crescent Wednesday to pull out his body.

Nearby Log Cabin Resort staff and other park officials who responded to the incident in the days before were unable to find Valenti, after several separate efforts. The family added Valenti, a football fan and dog-lover, had proposed to his wife just two days before drowning – after he took her on the cross-country excursion with the sole intent to propose. He would do so, but days later would meet his end while boating with his future spouse when his kayak started to take on water. He was forced to abandon the boat, spurring his fiancée to attempt to rescue him. When she did, her kayak too overturned, and she entered the water. Neither of them was wearing a life jacket, officials said. Austin said in a last act of heroism, ‘Travis gave [Marlene] the extra little push that she needed to get safe.’ He described his brother as having the ability to ‘light up a room and make anybody laugh,’ and who had a ‘beautiful’ relationship. ‘He was just everybody’s favorite guy, including Marlene’s and all of ours, they were just a beautiful couple, and they had this beautiful life planned out and it just gets cut so short out of nowhere,’ he told News 12 Long Island. The National Park Service warns park-goers about ‘sudden immersion’ in Lake Crescent, as the cold water could ‘impact a person’s breathing and over time, their ability to move extremities.’ They advise all swimmers to use the buddy system and to always wear a life jacket.

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