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Travis Doss, 31, and his wife, Amanda Stamper, 33, were arrested June 11 after Stamper called 911 from a pharmacy near Valley View Boulevard and Flamingo Road. Stamper told police she was afraid of Doss, and when officers rushed to the scene, she made comments “about the welfare of the children” that led officers to a nearby apartment, according to court hearing transcripts. grand jury. In a jailhouse interview Tuesday, Stamper told the Review-Journal that she too was being abused and that physical abuse against her and her six stepchildren increased in the weeks before she and Doss were arrested. She claimed that she informed 911 dispatchers that the children were being abused. “I was afraid for my life and my other children and my family,” she said when asked why she didn’t call the police sooner. “It’s hard for people to understand that unless you’re in that situation.”

Six of Doss’s children were found in the apartment and two locked inside a kennel. One of the two children inside the cage had swollen eyes and bruises all over his body, and he was suffering from extreme malnutrition, according to arrest reports from the Metropolitan Police Department. During the grand jury hearing, a detective testified that Doss told police that he disciplined the boy for stealing food from the refrigerator or from the trash can, according to the transcripts. A doctor told police the boy would have died if he had not been taken to University Medical Center, while a nurse told police “this is the worst case of abuse she has seen in 13 years,” according to the report.

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Travis Doss, 31, and his wife, Amanda Stamper 33 years old.

The mother of two children who were kept in a dog cage claims her husband also assaulted her

Stamper told police Doss beat her children with a heavy wok, extension cords and belts, according to court transcripts. “She said they have, I quote, like a million marks on them,” a detective testified during the grand jury hearing. Doss was charged July 13 with 33 counts of child abuse and two counts of kidnapping, court records show. The grand jury indicted Stamper on seven counts of child abuse, and she was charged with failing to protect children from substantial bodily harm. The grand jury also indicted Doss in a separate case on charges of sex trafficking and living off the earnings of a prostitute with physical force or threat of physical force, court records show. Stamper testified against Doss and said that she made money for Doss by selling sex. Stamper said that she had initially moved from Atlanta to Las Vegas with Doss in January 2018 to earn money as a sex worker, but she added that she felt she had no other choice. She testified that she had a young son with Doss, and he would threaten to take the child from her. Stamper also testified that Doss hit her.

On Tuesday, Stamper said Doss has obtained custody of her six children and moved them to Las Vegas over the past four years. She said that two of them had gone to school at some point, but Doss took them out. Police body camera footage released by the District Court showed officers attempting to enter the couple’s apartment last month. The officers spent more than 10 minutes convincing a boy to let them in. “We want to make sure they are not hurt,” an officer said as a weak voice answered from the other side of the door. Police found the children inside the dark apartment with several dogs. At one point, an officer calls for bolt cutters to open the cage with two of the children inside. Stamper said Doss bought the cage days before he was arrested. She’s always been pretty bad. Every time he would try to defend them, he would attack me,” she claimed. The two appeared for a brief court hearing Tuesday morning, but the hearing was pushed back a week to determine whether Doss will hire a new lawyer. Both remained in custody Tuesday.

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