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David Parfett’s son Tom Parfett died after taking the product purchased from a website run by 57-year-old Kenneth Law. He found out about the poison after visiting another forum, also still active, that advertises ways to commit suicide. Law appeared in court last week in Canada on charges twice of selling lethal substances and the UK’s National Crime Agency is currently investigating his links to 88 deaths. But while the NCA investigation has been welcomed by Parfett – whose son is among the 88 investigated – he has warned that at least four other people continue to sell the poison on the web. Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Parfett said: ‘There are at least four other Kenneth Law-type figures still in operation. One is in Mexico and the other in the Ukraine or Russia area. ‘We need action to save lives now. People are dying today because the site my son visited and other vendors are still there. ‘There are still people active online selling this very substance. ‘There are other providers that are doing exactly the same thing. “They may not be as arrogant as he is, but they are in the same place and they sell the same products.”

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Tom Parfett was 22 years old.

88 UK deaths linked to Canada ‘poison seller’

The forum, although MailOnline has chosen not to be identified, remains online and offers the same advice on how to end a life. He popularized the poison method and has provided a sequence of steps for people who decide to take it. The substance used was discovered on that forum, but is expected to come under tighter controls as its lethal nature becomes apparent. Student Tom, from Maidenhead in Berkshire, took his own life at 22 after buying it from Law’s company. He found it through the same forum, where he was told the method he should follow. On October 28, 2021, he checked into a Premier Inn in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, where a staff member found him dead after following suggestions online. His father hopes more will be done to stop a similar case, but warns that there are other figures who are essentially continuing to sell death to the vulnerable. Parfett added: “This is a community that deliberately found this poison.” ‘They know that it will be regulated so that it is impossible to obtain the necessary amounts. ‘So they’re basically making it up and looking for the next one.

“If nothing is done, they will find it as soon as possible.” MailOnline reported last week how 88 suicides in the UK were now formally linked to the law. A list compiled by the International Criminal Police Organization (more commonly known as Interpol) containing details of its 232 British clients was handed over to the NCA – dubbed Britain’s FBI – who established how many had been killed. Music fan Tom Windsor, 29, is believed to be the first death among 88 the NCA is studying. Windsor had ordered the poison on Law’s website and it arrived in the mail at his apartment, where he delivered it on June 10, 2021. Territorial Army member Gary Cooper was also found dead in his Kendal bedroom by his father on July 3, 2022, after taking the substance. Then, on January 1 of this year, deaf British TikTok star Imogen Nunn, 25, took her own life after Law sent her a “suicide kit.” Ms. Nunn, known as Deaf Immy on the social media platform, earned money through endorsement deals with companies that support the deaf community. She found Law’s online business last year and posted the substance to him. The website has since been taken down. Her parents, Ray and Louise Nunn, of Bognor Regis, were devastated when police told them, five months after her death on New Year’s Day, that a stranger may have helped take her own life.

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