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Toby Maykuth, a popular Albert Gallatin Area School District teacher, died unexpectedly Tuesday. Toby Maykuth was designated by the district.

He was a kindergarten teacher at Smithfield Elementary School who had a significant impact on the school and the community of Uniontown. Madeline Davis has witnessed the impact personally. This year, her son was in his class. He was adored by everyone.

“Because just his energy, amazing energy,” Davis explained. “Just full of life, and I think he just brought out a joy for learning in the kids.” It was a shock to learn of his untimely passing on Tuesday morning. “It’s devastating,” Davis remarked. “My son was so fortunate to have him for his first year of school, and I just felt so fortunate, and I know he was getting just a wonderful education, and this is just a terrible, terrible loss.”

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Toby Maykuth Age

Toby Maykuth’s age was not mentioned.


For nearly two decades, Maykuth taught kindergarten at Smithfield Elementary. He was the high school’s musical director and theatre department head. He also assisted the Uniontown State Theatre. Andrew Havranek of Channel 11 spoke with the district superintendent by phone on Tuesday. He explained that because Maykuth had worked with so many pupils throughout the district, it made it reasonable to send everyone home early. “It shows how important Mr. Maykuth was to everyone,” Davis explained.

The district announced Tuesday afternoon that there will be no school at Smithfield Elementary on Wednesday. They also advise parents to look for indications of stress in their child following this unexpected loss. Davis had a message for the community as well. “I just think we need to learn to appreciate our teachers more than what we do,” she said. The school says it will have counselors, social workers, and therapists at all of the schools for the rest of the year. The last day of school is June 5.

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