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Timothy John Lane, A man accused of grooming a woman abroad to sexually exploit her children has been denied bail. Timothy John Lane, 51, faced Downing Center local court in Sydney on Tuesday on charges of using a carriage service to send indecent material to a person under 16, using a carriage service to transmit child abuse material, grooming and breaching bail. The inmate was arrested at Sydney airport on April 4 after allegedly found child abuse material on his phone after a trip to Southeast Asia. Forensic analysis of Lane’s phone revealed that he had conversations with two adult women in the Philippines, expressing his alleged sexual interest in young children. After his arrest, Lane was granted bail to live in his trailer at a property in Stanhope, in rural New South Wales. But in May, officers executed a search warrant on the caravan and allegedly found more child abuse material on another mobile phone. Justice Clare Farnan told the court there was a “long conversation” in November 2022 between Lane and a woman abroad about her 11- or 12-year-old son.

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Timothy John Lane Age

Timothy John Lane is 51 years old.

Refused bail after allegedly grooming overseas woman into sexually exploiting

Police allege Lane encouraged the woman to produce child abuse material, news.com.au reported. “From reading the (police) facts, it appears that Mr Lane, who was granted bail after being charged with an extremely serious charge of importing child abuse material, essentially endeavored to … access more of the child abuse material from a device he had obtained, essentially in breach of bail,” Judge Farnan told the court. Lane’s lawyer, Rajiv Baldeo, requested that his client be released from the Mid North Coast Correctional Center to live with his elderly mother and his partner at his home in Copacabana, on the central coast of New South Wales. Baldeo said Lane has mental health issues that were not adequately addressed while he was in custody. He said Lane was less at risk of reoffending if he was allowed to live with his mother and his partner, who is a retired lawyer, than alone in his trailer. The lawyer said Lane has no one in his life besides his mother, he rarely interacts with other people and has very little support.

But prosecutor Paayal Parshotam opposed the bail, saying there was an earlier AVO to protect the mother from her after Lane allegedly threatened her with a knife. Upon hearing this, Lane, who appeared via audiovisual link from prison, interrupted to say “it wasn’t true about a knife, it was a verbal discrepancy.” Lane was denied bail due to the ‘exceptionally serious’ charges, the fact that they were committed while he was out on bail for an alleged similar offence, and the AVO was dropped to protect his mother. He is next to face Downing Center Local Court on September 6. Australian Border Force Superintendent Phillip Anderson said screening electronic devices at the border was a critical function to protect the community. ‘Our goal is to protect our most precious national asset – the Australian border. This includes protecting you from people who choose to engage in the worst type of abhorrent criminal activity,” he said. “I commend the ABF officers on the front lines who used their intuition to detain and question this man.”

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