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Tiffany Smith, the mother of a teen YouTube sensation, has been accused of sexually, physically, and emotionally assaulting about a dozen of her daughter’s teenage co-creators. She is scheduled to appear in court later this year to confront her claimed victims. Tiffany Smith, whose daughter is 15-year-old YouTuber Piper Rockelle, was sued by the 11 young content creators last year for alleged mistreatment and a lack of recompense for their work.

Smith is accused of “harassment, molestation, and abuse,” according to a January 2022 complaint. The civil trial was slated to begin in Los Angeles on Monday, but it was postponed several months ago to November 6, according to plaintiff attorney Matt Sarelson. The momager gained a reputation as a “mean-spirited control freak” whose interactions with the content makers “were not only sexually inappropriate and confrontational but often reprehensible and even illegal,” according to the lawsuit.

Tiffany Smith Age

Tiffany Smith is 41 years old.

Smith and her boyfriend, Hunter Hill sued for $22m by 11 kids from ‘Piper Squad’ who claim abuse

The plaintiffs, who are all former members of the “Piper Squad” and starred on her daughter’s YouTube channel, are suing Smith and her boyfriend, Hunter Hill, who is also engaged in the production of Piper’s channel, for at least $22 million in damages. According to the complaint, Smith made disturbing statements about the adolescents’ anatomy, including asking one content creator how long his penis was. She is also said to have told another creator that she has a flat chest. In another troubling instance, according to the lawsuit, Smith mailed her daughter’s panties to an unknown guy because “old men like to smell this stuff,” she allegedly informed one of the plaintiffs.

According to the lawsuit, she was also accused of inappropriately caressing the children’s legs, thighs, and buttocks, as well as urging the kids to be sexually aggressive during video shoots to make the fake romantic bond appear more real. The young creators’ phony love feelings for each other allegedly led to online bullying. “I just want my peace back with my kids,” Ashley Anne-Rock Smith told the site. Her two daughters are Rockelle’s relatives and have appeared in approximately 100 of her videos.

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Piper Rochelle’s channel has over 10 million subscribers

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs were never reimbursed by Smith for their likeness, which was utilized to promote Piper’s content. They did, however, admit that compensation was not guaranteed in advance. According to the lawsuit, when nine of the video creators left “Piper’s Squad,” their own YouTube channels received fewer clicks and followers. Smith and her partner, according to the plaintiffs, falsely tagged their films as inappropriate or put their content on porn sites, causing it to be blocked on YouTube. As a result, the suit claims, they all missed out on greater revenue.

Smith countersued for $30 million in July, saying the plaintiffs’ moms were conspiring to extort money by fabricating stories about alleged sexual assault, but she dropped the suit shortly after. According to one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, Smith’s claims are “baseless. “Piper was just 9 years old when she went viral on the internet. Her channel, which has over 10 million subscribers, was demonetized in February 2022 after Business Insider contacted YouTube over the multiple charges leveled against Smith and Hill.

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