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Thomas Mues, a 23-year-old Florida man, faces charges after police said he gave pharmacy employees a note demanding a long list of prescription medications, including Viagra. The Orlando Police Department said Thomas Mues delivered a handwritten note to pharmacists at a CVS store around 6 p.m. stating that he had a gun and that he would shoot them if they did not provide him with the pills listed in the note.“THIS IS AN (sic) armed robbery!!!” Mues wrote in the note, according to police. “Please cooperate, I don’t want to hurt you. You must not alarm anyone or I will shoot the person closest to me! Follow these instructions or I will shoot the person closest to me!

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Thomas Mues is 23 years old.

Investigation Report

Investigators described the theft note as “detailing a long list of very specific demands,” with six types of drugs listed and instructions. The 23-year-old demanded that pharmacists place oxycodone, hydrocodone, Xanax, Adderall, liquid codeine and Viagra in a bag. According to a news release, officers arrived at the scene as Mues was leaving the store. Officers pursued him on foot and eventually detained him. Police said he still had the stolen narcotics and the note written to him at the time of his arrest. Police said Mues admitted to traveling to Orlando from Jacksonville to “carry out the plan” and also confessed to committing another similar robbery in Central Florida. Orlando police said Mues faces several theft, trafficking and possession charges.

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