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Keen amateur cricketer Thomas Barton was stabbed “repeatedly” by Cameron Baker and Rio Scott in a “ruthless and brutal” joint attack in the early hours, jurors were told. The 30-year-old restaurant worker had finished a shift in Ryde, on the Isle of Wight, the previous night when he came across a group of people, including Baker, walking “hand in hand” with his ex, Sammi Creed. “Reflecting” on what he had seen, Barton made a “succession of calls” to his ex in which he was “angry and in a bad mood” about the “perceived situation.” His elderly father Peter, 84, “unknowingly” took him to the scene of his death to confront Baker, but jurors heard the deaf men were “prepared” for him and armed with weapons. Peter Barton said his son was “looking for a fist fight” but they “just had the tools” with “two big guns, not little kitchen knives.” Despite the best efforts of the emergency services and the public, the “loving and generous” father of one Mr Barton died from multiple injuries at the scene, while Baker reportedly went to bed. Baker and Scott, 28, deny murdering him at Winchester Crown Court, Hampshire. Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan said Barton had “intended to be confrontational” but was killed in an assault “that was as swift as it was brutal.”

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Thomas Barton age was not mentioned.

Cause of Death

He and he added: ‘The two defendants attacked Mr Barton. “During the vicious attack he was stabbed repeatedly, he staggered away and then collapsed.” Quinlan KC said that despite the efforts of members of the public and emergency services, Barton “died where he fell” at the Park Road, Ryde, address. “Cameron Baker came back to [his house] and went to bed,” he added. “Rio Scott went to an adjacent property.” Quinlan KC said the two men were soon arrested and questioned by police about the night in question. “Cameron Baker said he had acted in self-defense,” he continued. “Rio Scott said he wasn’t involved at all.” Describing the attack, he added: “A fatal late-night public stabbing which resulted in the death of a man, Thomas, known to many as Tommy.” ‘Perpetrated by these two defendants in a joint armed attack.’ The court was shown CCTV footage of Baker walking “hand in hand” with Barton’s ex-girlfriend Sammi Creed through Ryde town center the night before the murder. “To put it neutrally,” added Mr Quinlan KC, “the proximity of Cameron Baker, Sammi and Tommy Barton’s discovery and the reaction to it was the catalyst for what occurred in the early hours of the following morning.”

He told the jury that upon observing his ex-girlfriend with Baker, Mr Barton asked her if she was “going to do me like that”. meaning that she had hurt him. “He said his reaction was to let go of Cameron’s hand,” the prosecutor said. The court heard the group returned to a friend’s house, where Barton “nudged” Baker, before leaving. Afterwards, Barton made a series of “angry” calls to Creed. “It seems clear that Mr Barton was reflecting on what had happened earlier,” Mr Quinlan KC said. “What he had seen and/or been told about Sammi and Cameron.” Quinlan KC said: “It is clear that he was not happy with what he perceived to be the situation between Miss Creed and Baker. “He asked her where she was and she said she was at Rio’s.” Mr Barton arrived at the address and was greeted by Baker and Scott. The court heard Peter Barton realized immediately his daughter was not going to survive. “He urged his son to stay alive,” the prosecutor added. Sadly, Mr Barton died from the multiple stab wounds he had suffered. The court heard Baker “had been asleep” and police woke him up and told him to “relax”. Barton played club cricket at Ryde, Ventnor and Lymington in Hampshire. The trial, which is expected to last two weeks, continues.

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