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Thessalonica Allen Wiki – Thessalonica Allen Biography

Thessalonica Allen, a wife accused of killing her husband, cutting up his body with an ax and having her children help her hide the body.

Thessalonica Allen, 36, was convicted of murdering Randy Allen in his La Porte, Indiana apartment in August 2021. As Law&Crime previously reported, Allen was believed to have fatally shot her husband while their two sons, both identified as 16 years old at the time, they were inside the house. After deliberating for less than 30 minutes, the jury convicted Thessalonica Allen of eight counts: murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with a crime scene, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and two counts of neglect of a child. one dependent, all felonies, and one misdemeanor count of interfering with the reporting of a crime, local CBS affiliate WSBT reported. She faces between 45 and 60 years on the murder conviction. Area Fox affiliate WXIN reported that while helping the defendant’s children with her homework, Randy Allen noticed a website he believed her wife may have visited and confronted her about it. WSBT reported that Thessalonica Allen’s 16-year-old son testified at trial that his mother and her stepfather were fighting over a social media post Randy Allen had discovered on her computer, prompting him to accuse her of trick him.

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Thessalonica Allen is 36 years old.

Wife faces at least 60 years in prison for killing husband, chopping him up with an ax

The children reportedly heard a loud bang and ran to the bedroom. An autopsy later determined that Randy Allen had been shot in the arm, the bullet apparently penetrating the right side of his body, striking his spinal cord and paralyzing him. Thessalonica Allen reportedly told her children to ignore her husband and her pleas for them. she call 911, as she lay on the ground, bleeding to death. Later that night, Thessalonica Allen allegedly woke up the two boys and told them to help her drag Randy Allen’s body out of the house and into her car, but the three were unable to move the body because it was too heavy. . This supposedly led Thessalonica Allen to resort to even more gruesome and grisly tactics to dispose of the body. The children reportedly told detectives that her mother went out the next day and brought assorted cleaning supplies, as well as an ax, which she allegedly used to dismember Randy Allen’s corpse. She then asked the children to help her place the pieces of the dismembered body in a tote bag, but it was still reportedly too heavy for them to move.

The children allegedly told investigators that her mother said she planned to load Randy Allen’s body into her car and drive it to a location in South Bend where she would set it on fire, but the body was still too heavy to carry. the three moved it. A man who had been in a relationship with Thessalonica Allen and who was the father of one of the children was reportedly notified about the situation. The defendant had reportedly called him for help in moving the body of her dead husband. The man refused. At trial, Thessalonica’s attorney Allen tried to bring a self-defense claim for her, alleging that Randy Allen had pounced on her during the fight, WSBT reported. Prosecutors said Thessalonica Allen had lied to obtain a protection order against Randy Allen, and that there were notes showing that the defendant had planned to kill her husband. According to WXIN, the police found a handwritten note in the apartment during a subsequent search. – Essentially a list of tasks apparently related to disposing of her husband’s body. Allen’s sentencing is scheduled for September 29, WXIN reported.

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