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Thaís Rocha Secundino Wiki – Bio

Thaís Rocha Secundino, 28, a Brazilian model and nightclub owner, she found dead with 11 stab wounds in what authorities are calling a homicide. What is the cause of murder read more

The grisly incident came to light on February 3 after the body of 28-year-old Thaís Rocha Secundino was found in her jeep in São Paulo, Brazil. According to authorities, he had stab wounds to his neck, abdomen, and back, however, the murder weapon has not yet been recovered. Police suspect that Secundino, the owner of several nightclubs, was killed “for reasons related to the alleged embezzlement” of her business, police spokeswoman Ivalda Aleixo said.

Thaís Rocha Secundino Age

Thaís Rocha Secundino was 28 years old.

Two Suspects Arrested in the alleged murder – Investigation Report

Since then, authorities have detained two suspects in the alleged murder, his driver, Leandro Aparecido Dos Santos, 45, and Cintia Maria Feliciano Peixe, 31, one of the victim’s best friends who worked at one of the Secundino wineries. The victim’s boyfriend said that Thaís had gone to look for her friend to give him an explanation, but then she did not return home,” explains Aleixo. “They deny the crime, but there are strong indications that they participated in the murder of the businesswoman. Due to the “heinous” nature of the crime, the two suspects will be temporarily detained for 30 days, the spokeswoman said, according to Jam Press.

As part of her investigation, police seized the victim’s car along with the suspects’ phones, which they plan to analyze. Authorities are also reviewing CCTV footage that was filmed in the area at the time of Thaís’s death. Investigators declined to provide further details so as not to hamper the ongoing homicide investigation.

In addition to owning several businesses, Secundino was also a fixture on Instagram, where she frequently posted bikini photos for her followers. In her last post, uploaded two weeks ago, the entrepreneur wrote: “The light that guides me is much stronger than the eyes that surround me.

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