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Tetaan Henning, a scientist, was left with his forearm bone poking through his skin after he was brutally thrown onto a main street by a police officer in a shocking incident outside a pub. Tetaan Henning, 43, suffered the gruesome injury after questioning police over evicting his two disabled friends from the William Farrer Hotel in Wagga Wagga, southern New South Wales, in May 2022. Shocking security camera footage shows Mr. Henning, who had just finished dinner in the pub with his partner, approaching police before he was violently pushed onto the Sturt motorway by an officer. He is forced through his skin.

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Tetaan Henning Age

Tetaan Henning is 43 years old.

Police officer shatters Tetaan Henning’s arm outside Wagga Wagga pub William Farrer Hotel

When the officer pushed Mr. Henning, he was explaining that a friend who was thrown out of the pub by police, Matthew McMahon, has a brain injury. Henning’s lawyer, Paul McGirr, said the officer was lucky he didn’t kill his client by throwing him in front of a passing truck. The video shows the same officer dragging Mr. Henning, with his right arm dangling, onto the pavement, where he arrests him for assaulting police. Henning was also charged with obstructing the police, being an intoxicated person who refused to leave a place, and using offensive language. The footage was played at the Wagga Wagga Local Court this week, where Magistrate Chris Halburd dismissed all four charges against Mr. Henning. The charges were filed five months after the incident and all collapsed in court this week.

The court heard that no evidence was produced to show that Mr. Henning had been drinking. He also heard one of the officers call Mr. Henning ‘a jerk‘ after he cursed while asking why the police expelled two of his friends from the pub, one with a brain injury and the other who is a quadriplegic. The hindering charge was dismissed when footage revealed that Mr. Henning did not come into contact with the official police claimed he was hindered. McGirr confirmed that his client and McMahon were planning civil cases against the state. Police accused Mr. McMahon of interfering with a sniffer dog, but CCTV footage showed this did not occur. He described the officer’s actions as “disgraceful behavior” and described the scene as “Wagga Wagga Wild West”. The court also heard that the officer who pushed Mr. Henning failed to follow the correct procedure for issuing a transfer order. Instead, he immediately used disproportionate force against Mr. Henning. The case returns to the Wagga Wagga Local Court on 5 May.

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