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Who is Terri Harrigan? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Fears black mold will kill her 3-year-old daughter

Terri Harrigan Wiki – Bio

Terri Harrigan, 31, A mother left ‘terrified’ her three-year-old daughter could die after saying a council has done nothing about mold covering her daughter’s mattress and the rest from her house.

Terri Harrigan from Hackney, London, said her daughter Ariella has been “sick for most of her life” and is “terrified” she would die suddenly from mold covering her mattress. She claimed doctors told Hackney City Council that mold is causing Ariella’s respiratory problems, but all the authority has done is ‘paint’ her walls.

Ms. Harrigan first encountered the mold after removing wallpaper shortly after moving into her home from her council in December 2019. Since then, she explained, it has spread to her daughter’s mattress, the walls of her living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, windows, and ceilings, as well as her clothing. She added: ‘Ariella’s mattress is covered in mold. I am terrified that she is going to die. She now gets sick at least every two or three weeks. She really struggles with her breathing and the doctors have even written a letter to the council to say that the mold is causing her health problems. All I want is for her to be healthy and happy. My main concern as a new mom should not be that my three-year-old son dies suddenly.”

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Terri Harrigan is 31 years old.

A London mother fears black mold spreading through her home will kill her three-year-old daughter

Miss Harrigan stated that she has tried washing the mold two or three times a week and it keeps growing back. But despite her best efforts, Ms. Harrigan said all the council has done is ‘paint’ the mold three times since September 2020. The death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in Manchester last year after he was exposed to black mold has left her scared the same thing would happen to Ariella. She said: ‘I am constantly anxious about my children. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is very happy, but I also need them to be healthy. We don’t have money to move house. We don’t even have enough to get a new bed.

Her daughter’s health deteriorated in September 2022 when an ambulance was called due to respiratory difficulties. She said: ‘Her breathing of hers became very rapid. She just wasn’t slowing down. I called 111 and they immediately sent us an ambulance. She was only two years old at the time and she worried me that we were about to lose her. The doctors sent a letter to the mayor of Hackney, but he only said that he would let us know when other social housing became available. Seven months later and we are still waiting. A letter from his GP asked if mold problems could be addressed to “ensure safe living conditions”.

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A Hackney Council spokesperson said: “We wholeheartedly apologize for the delay in repairs Ms. Harrigan experienced following our survey in November 2022.” The Council carried out remedial work related to recurring damp in 2019, 2020, and again in January 2022.” The spokesperson added: “The most recent number was analyzed in November 2022, but this work was delayed due to issues with the supply chain and a communication breakdown on our end.”

We have now contacted Ms. Harrigan to start working on resolving all issues as soon as possible. As part of this, we will seek more stringent measures to prevent a repeat in the future. Hackney Council is one of the largest social landlords in the country, and we want to reassure everyone who lives in one of our houses that tackling dampness and mold is a priority for us. We launched a home repair action plan backed by an extra £1m investment last year. This includes inspecting all reports of moisture and mold within five business days; re-evaluating all pending mold and moisture complaints and ensuring they are prioritized based on the severity of the case and the age and health of the people living in the home.’

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