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Terence and Maureen Byrnes Wiki – Bio

Terence and Maureen Byrnes, an “incredible” and “united” couple who died just 25 hours apart. They had been together for 70 years before they passed away peacefully at Millbrae Lodge Nursing Home, Newport, surrounded by their loving family.

Terence, affectionately known as Terry, and Maureen, also known as Mary, will lie next to each other at Cross’s Funeral Home, Gerald Griffin Street, on Sunday 19 March. On Monday, his funeral liturgy will take place at St Michael’s Church. on Denmark Street, followed by burial in Mount St Lawrence Cemetery. The loving couple are survived by their children Mary (Madden), Ger, Margaret (O’Neill-Clancy), Dianne (O’Sullivan), Evelyn (McNamara) and Noel.

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Recalling the couple as “wonderful parents and a pleasure to talk to “

“Terence (Terry) and his wife Maureen (Mary) (Nee McMahon) died peacefully, at Millbrae Lodge Nursing Home, Newport, surrounded by their loving family, twenty-five hours apart, after 70 years of loving friendship and mutual devotion. .” reads a notice from the funeral home, adding: “May they both rest in peace, united in love forever.” People have expressed their condolences to the family, recalling the couple as “wonderful parents and a pleasure to talk to “.

A close relative remembered them as ‘hard-working’ souls, who “had a great sense of style which they also passed on especially to their four daughters”. “Nana always came out at her best with her hair always freshly done by her daughter Margaret or her granddaughter Carla, and Granda with her impeccably pressed shirt, tie, pants and shoes always fresh,” the family member wrote in the caption. emotionally devastating post.

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Similar incident

The devastating death of Terence and Maureen came months after a 100-year-old couple died within hours of each other. Hubert and June Malicote have died after 79 years of marriage, according to their 76-year-old son, Sam. Hubert died at 9:15 p.m. m. on November 30, 2022, and his wife died at 5:40 p.m. m. on December 1, just 20 hours later. Sam said his mother became seriously ill the day after Thanksgiving and received end-of-life care from her at Hospice of Hamilton in Ohio.

“They went out together. I feel sad, but I shouldn’t. Who can expect to live such a life? They lived a long and happy life together and devoted themselves to God and family,” said his grieving son. They welcomed three children over the years, who gave them seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Earlier, in June 2022, the couple celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary and shared some valuable secrets of their long-lasting love, stating that they made it their mission to never have a serious argument.

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