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Taylor Boyle, 27, was missing until a team of loyal friends discovered him hiding under trees and bushes Tuesday at the foot of a 15-foot embankment near Heiskell, a community about 12 miles northwest of Knoxville. He had been reported missing earlier that day, but was last heard from Sunday morning, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and friends said Boyle was stopping at McDonald’s before planning to meet at one of his nearby houses. Search parties composed of loved ones had scoured the area earlier that day with little luck, but returned to the area out of dedication to his lost friend. “When I looked down, at first I didn’t see it and as I walked away, I saw something shine, I basically saw the reflection of light. And when I did, I looked back and I saw the Harley wheel,” his friend Brandon Lawson told 10 News.

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Taylor Boyle is 27 years old.

Investigation Report

Just a few feet away from the mangled blue motorcycle was Boyle, lying in a ditch where he had spent the past 60 hours since he reportedly crashed the bike into a tree. The motorcyclist was alert and speaking but he suffered a concussion that caused him to become delirious under the dangerous circumstances. “He had guardian angels with him because he just thought he had been there for an hour camping with his dad,” Boyle’s sister-in-law wrote on Facebook. Boyle was rushed to hospital with a dislocated elbow, a concussion and a small brain bleed, and doctors said he has a “long road to recovery.” According to Boyle’s friends, a McDonald’s cookie that Boyle had bought for one of his friends was still wrapped inside his backpack when he was rescued. “The only thing I was worried about was finding him. Whatever we had to do, for as long as it took. We just had to find it, I knew it was out there,” Ryan French said. “Honestly, he’s pretty crazy, as far as what was down here. And from what you can see from up here, it’s a miracle we found it. I just praise God every day.”

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