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Tatyana Koltunyuk, 65, was swimming at Rockaway Beach in Queens around 6 p.m. on August 7 when the predator ripped a 20-pound piece of meat from her leg.

She remembers seeing the shark’s “dirty green” teeth before it attacked and then the “cloud of blood” in the water that followed. Ukrainian widow Koltunyuk felt like she was “losing energy” after the predator bit her thigh and counted to nine to make it back to shore. A quick-thinking police officer made a makeshift tourniquet to stop the bleeding before she was rushed to hospital in critical condition. She has undergone seven surgeries and her recovery is expected to take years. Koltunyuk’s daughter Dasha told Good Morning America that it’s a miracle her mother is alive after the shark attack. “[She] felt something hit her hard and then she saw the shark on top of her looking at her,” she said. ‘She saw all her teeth. She described how green and dirty they were. And then the shark attacked. She remembers a cloud of blood in the water. “The fact that she’s alive is a miracle.”

Koltunyuk credits the police officer who stopped the bleeding before first responders arrived with saving her life. Her family shared a photo of her lying in a hospital bed with her injuries. The shark attack left a deep cut that exposed the artery, muscle and most of her femur. “The surgeon said he’d never seen anything like it,” said her son-in-law Gregg Kallor. Koltunyuk is convinced it was a great white shark that attacked her, although her teeth marks suggest it was a bull or thresher shark. However, one source said the predator may have been a great white shark. Dasha added: ‘My mom is in love with nature, with animals. And I think she would want me to tell the public that she didn’t hate sharks, but that she did everything she could to swim safely.’ Her mother may need years of intense physical therapy, but she still manages to maintain a positive attitude. She is scheduled to undergo at least one more surgery and faces a long road to recovery.

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Tatyana Koltunyuk is 65 years old.

Rockaway Beach shark victim Tatyana Koltunyuk recalls attack in graphic detail

Koltunyuk has assured her family that “at least [my] life is certainly not boring,” according to ABC News correspondent Trevor Ault. ‘She’s a fighter. And she has fought alone for everything in our lives,” Dasha added. Her family started a GoFundMe fundraising page to help pay for medical needs and has so far raised $89,000 of the $150,000 goal. ‘Our mother is an empathetic, thoughtful and deeply proud woman who would never ask for anything and always put others before herself. That’s why we ask for help in her name,” Dasha and her husband wrote on the page. Her daughter stated that her mother’s needs will include “ongoing services and consultations, mobility assistive devices, intensive physical and psychological therapy, making her home environment accessible and comfortable, and transportation to and from appointments.” “. ‘Koltunyuk immigrated to the United States with her husband when she was three years old, but he died of a heart attack weeks later.

Despite not speaking English and not being able to continue her work as a naval engineer, she “worked tirelessly to support our family,” according to her daughter. ‘She made sure that she could take ballet and piano lessons and have the best education possible; she took me to art museums, concerts, and theater performances; We walked through all the gardens and parks in the city that we could find. She worked a grueling life to make sure I could thrive. At the time of the attack, Koltunyuk, who is retired, dreamed of swimming in the ocean, traveling the world and being the mother of a new puppy. The last shark attack at Rockway Beach was in 1953, when a 15-year-old boy was bitten by a shark that was hooked on his fishing line. Before that, the last shark attack off Rockaway Beach was in 1909, according to the New York Daily News. However, the Long Island coast is no stranger to attacks: six have already been reported this summer.

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