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Tanya Lord Wiki – Bio

Tanya Lord, a 41-year-old woman who raped a man in his sleep has been jailed for two years. Tanya, of Derrylodge Manor in Lurgan, County Armagh, previously admitted to raping the man at her home on June 23, 2020. Lord was sentenced on Friday to two years in jail and two years on supervised leave at Craigavon Crown Court.

A judge told the court that “there was no distinction between male and female rape.” The fact that the victim is a male does not make it any less serious than the rape of a female victim,” Judge Patrick Lynch added. He said neither he nor the prosecution could find any similar cases anywhere in the UK. The judge told the court that the victim had to receive counseling, was prescribed medication, and mistrusted people. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” he said in a victim impact statement.


Tanya Lord is 41 years old.

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Lurgan woman, 41, Jailed for sexual assault on sleeping man – DNA

An attorney for the prosecution said the victim had been drinking all day when she met Lord after she finished work. They returned to her house and continued to drink, the court was told, and then slept together. The court heard that the victim knew that Lord was a lesbian, and therefore there was “an appropriate and understandable assumption that there would be no sexual activity and no consent as to her part” of her. During the night the victim awoke to find Lord on top of him.

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He pushed her and she pretended to be asleep,” the attorney said. He added that the victim got up and went downstairs “to process what happened. Lord’s DNA was later found on her victim during an examination, the court was told. In fact, this case involved a woman who had sex with a man without her consent and there should be parity between male victims of sexual crimes and female victims,” the prosecutor said. He added that to do otherwise would affirm the “myth that men are less affected by sexual assault than women.”

A defense lawyer said Lord, who suffers from a personality disorder and is in poor mental health, had expressed “remorse for the offense and some victim awareness of it”. She understands the position that she has placed herself in and expresses, through me today, her remorse and her apology to the victim for the unfortunate and unfortunate incident,” she said. In a passing sentence, the judge said there was “a repeated myth that men are less susceptible” to the consequences of sexual assault. He also imposed a seven-year Sex Offense Prevention Order and ordered Lord to sign the sex offender registry for life.

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