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Taliyah Frazier, a 4-year-old girl was killed and her 2-year-old brother was grazed in the head when two men got out of their car and fired more than 20 rounds into the car the children were in at an intersection in Nashville, Tennessee, in what detectives call a “non-random, targeted” shooting.

Taliyah Frazier was in a Chevrolet Malibu when it was stopped at a red light on Tuesday evening, according to authorities. She got hit in the head. Her 2-year-old sibling received a minor grazing wound to the head. According to officials, his twin brother was unharmed. The twins’ father, an unidentified 22-year-old driver, was injured in the arm but managed to drive to a neighboring parking lot, where police and paramedics were called. The next day, Taliyah died. Taliyah’s great-grandfather, Terry Dickson, told Nashville’s WKRN that he is distraught. “Taliyah was like a daughter to us.” Taliyah shared our home. “She was here during the weekdays and weeknights,” Dickson told the station. “She was a happy baby who adored everyone.”

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Taliyah Frazier was 4 years old.

Taliyah Frazier Killed

According to a police press statement issued on Wednesday, two guys in a car next to the Malibu at a red light stepped out and fired multiple shots in “a non-random, targeted shooting.” There have been no arrests, and no description of the gunmen is provided. The motivation was also unclear. As the bullets were fired, the driver of the Malibu rushed away, driving about three miles to a Family Dollar store where the children’s mother works.

WKRN reported that a witness was badly shaken. “I could tell she was really, really hurt because the back of her shirt was soaked in blood,” the witness stated, according to the station. “I’d never seen anything like it before.” I was completely shaken. I’ve been to crime scenes before, but never with babies. I was praying for her so hard last night that I couldn’t believe such evilness existed. That was an act of absolute evil.” Babies. Babies. These were infants.”

Another witness told WSMV4 in Nashville that she and her boyfriend were in the back of a Lyft at a red light when rounds were fired and shrapnel hit their vehicle. “I was afraid to look,” the witness explained to the channel. “My boyfriend and I sagged in our seats to avoid being near the windows.” Our Lyft driver rushed down Douglas to get away, and we could hear gunfire all the way down Meridian.” Dickson addressed the gunmen directly in his interview with the news channel. “I hoped they would finally own this, because they got to do that, not me,” he told the network. “I apologize. I cannot harbor ill will against you. It is now up to you to forgive yourself.”

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