Sydney Maughon, Jeremy Munson and McKenzie Davenport Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Suspects in the Murder of Jonathan Gilbert


Sydney Maughon, Jeremy Munson and McKenzie Davenport Wiki – Biography

Sydney Maughon, 18, and Jeremy Munson, 19, were arrested, as was McKenzie Davenport, 19. All three were charged with malice murder, battery and criminal trespass. Additionally, Maughon and Munson were charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. The charges stem from a Monday incident where Spalding County sheriff’s deputies found a man who was shot to death in the middle of the road. After a fingerprint scan, the victim was eventually identified as Jonathan Gilbert. He also went by the name Tyler Lane.

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Sydney Maughon, 18, Jeremy Munson, 19,  and McKenzie Davenport, 19.

Three people have been arrested accused of murder Jonathan Gilbert

Authorities say that there was a “lovers’ quarrel” involving the victim that precipitated the egging. “It appears there was an ongoing lovers’ quarrel, and the suspects decided to go to Gilbert’s residence on Dobbins Mill and vandalize it by egging it,” the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office explained in a statement. “When Gilbert saw what they were doing to his residence, he came out of the house unarmed, to confront them.” After Gilbert approached the suspects, Maughon allegedly shot him multiple times before the suspects fled the scene in a car. Even though Maughon is accused of pulling the trigger, the sheriff’s office said that all three suspects will be held accountable.

“Because they all plotted and planned together, and traveled to the location with the intent to commit a crime that led up to the murder together, they are all just as culpable as if they had each pulled the trigger themselves,” the press release explained. They went to egg a house, the victim challenged them while they were doing it, he died, and they drove away, leaving his body in the middle of the road,” according to the press statement. “They bought that ticket together; now they can ride it together.” The incident is being investigated by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office. There are currently no additional details.

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