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Suzie Cheikho, the claim by a Sydney insurance worker that she was unfairly fired after activity was tracked on her laptop while she was working from home has been dismissed.

Suzie Che ikho has been a consultant for Insurance Australia Group Services Australia Ltd (IAG) since May 2005 and one of her responsibilities as part of the outbound communications team was work from home compliance. The company claimed that when it recorded keystrokes from her computer there were “significant periods where there was minimal or no keyboard activity,” which she disputed after she was fired from her computer in February this year for allegations of misconduct. IAG said that Cheikho, who worked from home almost permanently, did not “work as required” from October to December 2022. Cheikho claimed there was a “premeditated plan” to put her out of business and denied the results of the cyber-check of her keyboard, according to a Fair Work report on the decision. Che ikho did not work her allotted 7.8 hours on 44 of the 49 working days, according to the review. When she logged in, the checks found “very low keypress activity.”

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Suzie Cheikho Age

Suzie Cheikho is 38 years old.

Woman fired from job of 18 years for ‘not typing enough’

Sometimes the workload is a bit slow, but I have never stopped working,” he said. “I can go shopping once in a while, but that’s not all day.” During November 2022, Cheikho only did one averaged 34 keystrokes per hour and had 143 hours without typing, the report said.The company told Fair Work it would expect more than 500 keystrokes per hour for its work, which included data entry. Cheikho said she was “confused and shocked” by the data and doubted the accuracy. She also said she had been going through “personal issues.” After being made redundant, she filed a wrongful dismissal application with Fair Work Australia and wanted a compensation The company also told Fair Work that Cheikho showed up to a Teams meeting with his manager over claims he did not complete a task, which resulted in the company being fined, with the f—word written in his hand.A Fair Work Australia found that the dismissal was valid and not “harsh, unfair or unreasonable”. IAG declined to comment.

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