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Stanislav Rzhitsky, deputy head of the mobilisation department and former commander of the submarine Krasnodar, has been killed in Russia.

A ‘revenge killer’ has shot dead a former Russian submarine commander suspected of being responsible for a Kalibr missile attack that killed 27 Ukrainians. Stanislav Rzhitsky, 42, was shot in the back and chest while jogging in the Russian city of Krasnodar on Monday morning in an apparently carefully planned hit. Rzhitsky, who commanded a Black Sea Fleet submarine, is believed to have died in revenge for a Kalibr missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia nearly a year ago, on July 15, 2022. Among the 27 victims of the bombardment with submarine missiles there were four -Years old Liza Dmitrieva, who was in a stroller next to her mother Irina. Irina survived the attack but suffered horrific injuries. Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska knew Liza, one of three children brutally killed in the Russian attack, from an earlier Christmas video shoot.

Russian investigators believe Rzhitsky’s running route was tracked by a running app he used, and that the timing of the murder was linked to the upcoming one-year anniversary of the Kalibr attack. A map shows his frequent route that was posted on Strava, an American internet service. for fitness tracking that incorporates social networking features. The former captain, who became a mobilization officer for Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, was shot four times while jogging near the Olympus Arena in the city of Krasnodar. He was hit in the “back and chest” and died at the scene. Two 9 mm caliber bullets were found in his body. His watch and headphones were found at the scene, indicating theft was not the motive, according to news outlet Mash.

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Stanislav Rzhitsky was 42 years old.

Deputy Chief Of Mobilization In Krasnodar Shot Dead While Jogging

The killer shot Rzhitsky at a location with no CCTV cameras, but Russian police released a photo of a man they say is a suspect in the killing they believe was ordered as a revenge attack from Ukraine. Investigators are looking for “a middle-aged man in a blue cap,” the Baza news outlet reported. The Ukrainian Myrotvorets database previously published that he “directly participates in the military invasion of Ukraine.” The victim was evidently suspected of being the captain of the Krasnodar submarine at the time it unleashed Kalibr missile hell on Vinnytsia from the Black Sea. Former Krasnodar mayor Evgeny Pervyshov confirmed: ‘I met him as the commander of the Krasnodar submarine…’he was a true patriot, a good man and a loving father. It is not clear if he was still the captain of the submarine in July 2022 when Vinnytsia was attacked, but it is known that he launched cruise missiles at ISIS during previous Russian operations in Syria. The Krasnodar is a diesel-electric submarine built for the Black Sea Fleet and designed “to fight surface ships and submarines, lay mines, and conduct”┬áreconnaissance.

Previously, Rzhitsky had captained the Alrosa submarine. The first department started a murder case for the investigation of especially important cases in Krasnodar, the Investigative Committee of Russia said. Investigators were working to “establish all the circumstances of the incident, as well as the person who committed the crime and his motives.” Little Liza, killed in the air raid last year, suffered from Down syndrome and arthritis in one leg. Among the 27 killed in Vinnytsia was Kateryna Hula, 24, an administrator at the Neuromed medical center that was hit by the missile attack. The center’s director, Tetyana Kharchenko, 32, was another victim, as was Evhen Kovalenko, 25, a sound producer for Ukrainian singer Roxolana, who was due to perform in the city. Concert organizer Viktor Polishchuk was killed, as were child neurologist Pavlo Kovalchuk and neurologist Nataliya Falshtynska, a mother of three. Russian state television claimed the submarine attack had been the “most productive” of the war, killing Colonel Oleg Makarchuk, 48, head of the Ukrainian Air Force Armaments and Logistics Service, and Colonel Dmitry Burdiko. , another high-ranking commander of the air force. when they met in the so-called House of Officers in Vinnytsia.

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