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Spencer Pearson, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate near Jacksonville, Florida, repeatedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend Madison Schemitz, 17, before attempting to slit his own throat, according to authorities on Monday.

Madison Schemitz, a 17-year-old high school softball star, was eating lunch at a restaurant with her mother, Jacki Rogé, and a friend on Saturday when they noticed Spencer Pearson, Ms. Schemitz’s previous lover, standing nearby. According to First Coast News, the trio had reason to be afraid of Mr. Pearson since, since Ms. Schemitz’s breakup with him, he had threatened her with violence to the point where her mother was in the process of seeking a restraining order against him.

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Spencer Pearson is 18 years old.

Suspect accused of attempting to stab his ex-girlfriend Madison Schemitz

When Mr. Pearson arrived at the restaurant, the group paid their bill and began walking out towards their car to avoid the former high school football player. Mr. Pearson, however, stopped them before they could get to their car and allegedly began stabbing both Ms. Schemitz and her mother. It wasn’t until a bystander, Kennedy Armstrong, 23, heard screaming and intervened that the stabbing of Ms. Schemitz and her mother stopped. Mr. Pearson then began attacking Mr. Armstrong, reportedly stabbing him in the arm and severing multiple tendons. Mr. Pearson finally then stabbed himself in the throat in an attempt to die by suicide. He and Ms. Schmetiz are now both in critical condition, with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office reportedly prepared to charge Pearson with attempted murder if he survives his self-inflicted wound.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist with Ms. Schemitz’s significant medical expenditures. She has already had several procedures after being admitted to the hospital following the attack. The GoFundMe campaign has now garnered more than $60,000. Ms. Rogé provided an update on her and her daughter’s progress in a post on the page. “I am about to go into surgery, my muscles were severed from the bone on my hand,” the update states. “Madison has two chest tubes and a spinal cord injury, but she’s a fighter; please keep her in your prayers.”

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