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Somaiya Begum was killed by her uncle and “thrown away like garbage” for refusing a forced marriage, a court was told.

Somaiya Begum’s body was found wrapped in a rug in a field near Fitzwilliam Street, Bradford, on 6 July.

Somaiya Begum Age

Somaiya Begum was 20 years old.

Mohammed Taroos Khan is accused of murder

Bradford Crown Court prosecutors told jury that Mohammed Taroos Khan, 53, killed her at her home in Binnie Street, Bradford, on June 25 last year. Khan denies the murder, but has admitted to perverting the course of justice.

Opening the prosecution case, Jason Pitter KC said that Ms Begum, who was a college student, lived in the house on Binnie Street with another of her uncles and her grandmother under the terms of an Order of Protection. of Forced Marriage.

This was due to her father’s attempts to force her to marry a cousin from Pakistan “through threats of violence”, she said.

Pitter said there were “fault lines” in the family, adding that it was partly down to “how family members interpreted their cultural or religious obligations.”

It may be that Mr Khan’s defense “advances issues related to the family’s culture and religion, which may have been the wrong justification for killing her,” he said
“We assume in the context of the misnomer ‘honor killing’. “Whatever it is… it wasn’t honorable.”

He said that when her body was discovered it was so decomposed that cause of death could not be found, but that there was a 4-inch metal spike embedded in her chest that had punctured her lung. .

Pitter said security cameras captured the defendant stopping by a hole in a wall on Fitzwilliam Street and dragging a large and apparently heavy object from the car to the dump. “That was obviously Somaiya,” he told the jury.

Defender Zafar Ali KC told jurors that there will be moments in the trial when they will be “totally disgusted” by what they hear, including “the appalling way [Miss Begum’s] body was thrown away like garbage.” .

Ali said: “No one can deny that the attack on Somaiya on June 25 last year was terrible and unforgivable.” But the lawyer told the jury: “Mohammed Taroos Khan accepts that Somaiya Begum, her niece, was murdered but he did not murder her. “He didn’t know about the death until after Somaiya was killed.”

Ali said that her client had been “summoned” to Binnie Street “to dispose of her body”. The trial is expected to last three weeks.

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