Silviano Carrillo Ramirez Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Arrested


Silviano Carrillo Ramirez Wiki – Silviano Carrillo Ramirez Bio

Ramirez was arrested in North Carolina last week with a huge quantity of illegal drugs during Traffic stop. His Bio, Crime, and why arrested this man read more details in Wikisinfos.

Silviano Carrillo Ramirez, 34, was arrested near Raeford Road and Montclair Road in Fayetteville on Wednesday, Fayetteville cops said. During the traffic stop, officers searched the vehicle and discovered 15,885 grams, or 15.8 kilos, of cocaine inside, according to cops. Police shared photos of the 12 bricks of cocaine, which officers had seized from the vehicle.


Ramirez is 34 years old.


A suspected drug dealer was arrested in North Carolina last week with a “large quantity” of illegal drugs during a routine traffic stop, authorities said.
At that point, police officers requested the stop of the car that the individual was driving. And what they found was a blow to the drug trade. The officers charged Ramírez with 3 counts of cocaine trafficking and conspiracy.

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He was booked into the Cumberland County Detention Center and remains in custody on $350,000 secured bond.

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