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Shruthi Sheshagiri and Mahesh Sriramaiah Wiki -Bio

Shruthi Sheshagiri and Mahesh Sriramaiah, a family left traumatized after a man threatened to kill a pregnant mother and her unborn baby in a terrifying carjacking attempt.

Sheshagiri and Sriramaiah were in their vehicle and stopped to buy gasoline at an Ampol gas station at around 9:30 p.m. m. in Huntingdale, Melbourne, on March 17. As they sat with their five-year-old son in the back seat, a man immediately began kicking their car. In a completely unprovoked attack, the man yelled at the family and threatened to kill Ms. Sheshagiri and her unborn baby. He tried to get into the car, with Mr. Sriramaiah closed the doors.

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Shruthi Sheshagiri and Mahesh Sriramaiah’s age is not mentioned.

Family fears for their lives after attempted carjacking at the gas station

CCTV showed the moment the unidentified man kicked in the passenger side door after jumping. ‘I (was) very badly afraid. I was yelling at my husband to start the car,” Sheshagiri told 9 News. As soon as he saw that she was pregnant, he started to get very angry and also started hitting the glass window. Her husband added: ‘He kicked the car and the car shook and my wife started screaming at the top of her lungs. My brain froze and I didn’t react at all.”

The anonymous man, who arrived on the scene in a red Ducati, is believed to have tried to enter the gas station before turning his gaze on the family. They reported it to the police, who are now searching for the man. “It’s one of the most traumatic things I can imagine,” lead agent Sean Embery said. I can’t even begin to put myself in his place. It’s something that not only concerns this family but also the broader community in the area.” Police are requesting public assistance regarding the attack and urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

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