free geoipSheree Latoya Williams Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Charged, Murder, Arrested, Investigation Report -

Sheree Latoya Williams Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Charged, Murder, Arrested, Investigation Report

Sheree Latoya Williams Wiki – Sheree Latoya Williams Biography

Sheree Latoya Williams, a West Palm Beach woman, was arrested in connection with the murder after she was found running topless through a neighborhood. According to official documents, Williams killed a woman in her home and allegedly claimed that her victim was a “demon in heaven.” The 34-year-old suspect was arraigned in court Monday morning, March 27, on the charge of first-degree murder.

According to the arrest report, Williams confessed to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies that she strangled the woman with the aid of a cell phone charging cable. Authorities have yet to make the victim‘s identification public. She claimed that the victim was trying to put her down for financial gain and that Williams had “vivid dreams” about it.

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Sheree Williams Age

Sheree Latoya Williams is 34 years old.

Sheree Williams charged with murder, Arrested, Investigation Report

According to investigators, after killing the woman, Williams fled to avoid her arrest. However, she gave up after she was unable to escape. Police arrived at the scene after a neighbor called 911 and reported a naked woman climbing a tree in the Magnolia Drive area of unincorporated West Palm Beach, according to CBS 12 News. The arrest report mentions that it all started on Friday, March 24, the day before the murder. A neighbor, who lives in and owns the Magnolia Drive home that Williams rented, said she called him at 3 am and asked him to come to her unit. She then told the owner that she was “seeing things” and that she was having a panic attack. After her owner went to her house, she found her standing trembling: “They are trying to kill me. I don’t know why those people are trying to kill me,” she said. The neighbor assured her that everything was fine and she returned. Williams lives with her 8-year-old son in a rented one-bedroom apartment and was described as a “good person.”

According to records, on Saturday, March 25, the sheriff’s office arrived at William’s home after a known person asked police to check on her because she was “acting different” the day before. She refused to open the door and the next day the police stopped her in a canal. Williams is currently in the Palm Beach County Jail while the investigation continues.

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