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Shea Gordon Wiki – Shea Gordon Biography

Shea Gordon, 17, was stabbed repeatedly in Lichfield Road, Mile End, East London, shortly after midnight on September 4, 2022.

She fled from her attackers down another street before collapsing and going into cardiac arrest. Kavian Vaughans and Abdul Yaro, both 18, denied but were found guilty by an Old Bailey jury of murder today. Giovanni Addae-Johnson and Dainnan Witter Cameron, both 18, were acquitted of murder but convicted of the alternative misdemeanor charge of manslaughter. His friends and family members screamed and yelled in the public gallery as the sentence was announced. Two jurors were crying when a woman yelled: ‘You evil people.’ Rafferty, KC, said it is likely that he will pass sentence in the week of 9/11. Prosecutor Nicholas Corsellis, KC, previously told jury: ‘The occasion was an 18th birthday party for a young woman.

“It was a great event that a lot of people were expected to attend.” Given the numbers, security measures had been put in place to minimize potential disturbances. with wristbands.’Shea Gordon was on the guest list as was Dainnan Witter Cameron. The young woman herself knew Giovanni Addae-Johnson but she had not invited him to the party. “Neither Kavain Vaughans nor Abdul Yaro had been invited because she did not know either of them.” On September 2, Yaro was recorded talking to an associate in prison and telling him that he planned to ‘arrive’ at the party and ‘beat’ him, the court heard. Three of the defendants traveled to the party in an Uber after Witter Cameron told them Shea was there, Corsellis said.

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Shea Gordon Age

Shea Gordon was 17 years old.

Four guilty of fatally stabbing boy at birthday party

Jurors were shown CCTV footage of four men entering the party wearing ski masks and hoods. The teens then toured the area before returning to the party at 11:55 p.m. and heading toward the crowd outside, the court heard. Corsellis continued: ‘At 00:05 security cameras show several young people running from the party venue onto Alloway Road. ‘Shortly after, Shea Gordon is seen. He is running in the same direction as the group along Lichfield Road and into Alloway Road. “By then, he had already been injured to some extent because, when a Peugeot car passed on Litchfield Road, the blood from it was transferred to him.” he is followed by Witter Cameron and Vaughans, who were a short distance behind and running after him towards Alloway Road. ‘The defendants were not the only ones armed that night. For example, CCTV shows a man dressed in gray armed with a large machete running away and watching the defendants pursue Shea Gordon. “Once on Alloway Road, Shea Gordon can be seen running after a car on the left.” he is followed by Vaughans and Cameron Witter who run down the left hand side of the road.

“Addae-Johnson crosses the street, runs to the sidewalk on the right and goes in the same direction as Shea Gordon and his two followers.” The film appears to show Shea Gordon turning right onto Morgan Street. It was on that road that he was found fatally wounded. The two who follow him are on the same path. CCTV shows movement at the corner of the two roads, and after a while, Addae-Johnson is seen collapsing on the road. There is no doubt that he suffered a significant neck injury at some point. spot. ‘Shea Gordon was found on Morgan Street about 40 yards from where Addae-Johnson was found.’ Shea had been stabbed in the neck and wounded twice in the right leg, the court heard. Hospital at 1:54 a.m. The next day, Yaro was heard telling a friend that he had “something crazy yesterday,” the court heard. Addae-Johnson, of John la Rose Court, Tottenham, Vaughans, of Blaydon Close, Tottenham, Witter Cameron of Galahad Road, Enfield and Yaro, of Chesnut Road, Tottenham, all denied the murder.

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