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Shauna Hoare, 29, was released on license today after serving half the sentence she received for her part in the murder of the Bristol teenager, which shocked the nation in 2015. She was found guilty of manslaughter in October of that year and sentenced to 17 years. Her then-boyfriend, Nathan Matthews, who was Becky’s half-brother, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 33 years. Tanya Watts, Becky’s mother, has expressed her anger at Hoare’s release, saying: “She’s not even 30, she has her whole life ahead of her and a future, whereas when we go to talk to our daughter, we’re talking to her. floor,’ Ms Watts feared her release, and had been warned it was imminent, before being told today it had happened.

It is understood that part of the conditions of Hoare’s release include that she will not be allowed to return to Bristol, but Home Office officials will not give details of the arrangements. “I don’t want her to feel free to walk down the street without a care in the world after what she did. I think she’s cold and mean,” the grieving mother said. ‘The worst thing for me is that Becky trusted her and what eats at me is when I remember all those times I called Becky and Shauna would answer and be so sweet and for a few seconds I would sometimes mistake her for Becky. Watts added: “Becky liked and trusted her and she betrayed Becky’s trust, and it’s hard when I think about how she smiled at the camera at the police station when she was arrested.” It is understood that part of the conditions of Hoare’s release include that she will not be allowed to return to Bristol, but Home Office officials will not give details of the arrangements.

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Shauna Hoare is 29 years old.

Investigation Report

Hundreds of members of the St George community joined the search for 16-year-old Becky in February 2015. But the entire town was horrified in early March by the gruesome discovery of her dismembered body near the Barton Hill flat where Matthews and Hoare lived. Hoare, who was pregnant at the time of Becky’s murder, denied all knowledge that her then-boyfriend had murdered his stepsister while she was at Becky’s family home in St George, loaded her body into the back of her car and He drove him to his apartment in Barton Hill and, over the course of the next few days, dismembered him. But a jury at Bristol Crown Court heard in October 2015 that the couple went shopping over the next few days buying cling film, glasses and masks – all items used in the “meticulous” process of packaging her body parts. . Hoare searched for “Do you want to hide a body?” on YouTube the day after Becky’s death, but she said it was a parody of the Disney movie, Frozen. When the police searched the couple’s home, they discovered a messy house but with a clean bathroom, with no traces of Becky’s DNA or blood. She was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and subsequently lost an appeal against her conviction and the length of her sentence.

Hoare had just turned 21 at the time and the seven months she spent in custody awaiting her trial later that year counted as part of her sentence. Prisoners in the UK who have served half their sentences are usually eligible to be released on licence, and taking into account the time Hoare spent in 2015 on remand awaiting trial, he has now spent eight and a half years under custody and Today, September 1, he was released on license. Watts has said she is angry and feels helpless knowing that the woman convicted of being involved in the death of her daughter was out of prison. Hoare was the subject of several national newspaper reports in the early years of the eight and a half years she spent in prison. In November 2015, just after she was convicted, the Daily Mail reported that she was “having the time of her life” with a new lesbian girlfriend at HMP Bronzefield, Surrey. But a year later, in November 2016, the Mail reported that she had been beaten so brutally in prison that she had to be resuscitated twice and that she was “having a terrible time”. At the time, the Mirror reported that Hoare had told her friends that she still insisted that she knew nothing about Becky’s murder.

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