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Shaun Pyles, a Bronx woman has been charged with murder after she allegedly stabbed her neighbor to death while playing loud music. Police said neighbors Shaun Pyles and Tyquan Pleasant had a history of arguing over noise, and a fight around 2 a.m. on Friday morning turned deadly.

Pleasant, 27, was reportedly playing music and Pyles, 25, stabbed him in the back multiple times with a kitchen knife, according to police.

Shaun Pyles Age

Shaun Pyles is 25 years old.

Chad Boggs, he witnessed the fight

The victim was unconscious when police arrived. First responders took him to Saint Barnabas Hospital, where he died. Police said they recovered the knife they believed Pyles used in the stabbing. She was charged with murder, manslaughter and weapons possession.

Chad Boggs, another neighbor, told that he witnessed the fight. “I don’t even know if it was music, I think it was a Disney kids’ show,” said Boggs, who said he was in the hallway putting trash down the chute. Pyles came out and was banging on Pleasant’s door, then went back to her apartment. Pleasant went out into the hallway and Pyles yelled at her over the apartment’s intercom.

“(The victim) said she was going to kick his ass, and she was yelling at (him) over the intercom,” Boggs said. Then Pyles was out the door and charged at Pleasant. “She just opened the door and came right up to him,” Boggs said.

“They were hugging and bouncing off the walls and fighting and s***,” he said. “As soon as she walked away, he fell, boom, and never moved again. The blood was coming out. “I didn’t even see the knife. She must have taken him somewhere important.

Bogs told the that he called 911 and began CPR. Pyles went back to her apartment and waited for the police. He found her sitting on her couch. “She just went back to her apartment like nothing happened and waited for the police,” said another neighbor, who did not want to be named. “Now that he is a true psychopath.”

Neighbors said Pyles had disagreements with other residents, including Boggs. “It could have been me because he hated me to death,” she said. “But I’ve never tasted it like that.”

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